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Catalogue folders not present



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Do you eventually have images in the other year folders but not in 2019/2021, and set the library tool to hide folder hierachy (which hides all parent folders without "own" images)? 

    Right-click in the library tool then shows "Show Folders Hierarchy" which you should click.

  • TonyB

    Many thanks for the suggestion. I didn't have the hierarchies hidden. I tried all sorts of other possibilities but eventually I contacted Support. Much to my pleasant surprise, they got back to me within a few hours. The upshot was that I was not using the latest update (because the auto-update had a bug!), but that didn't help. What did do the trick was the File/Verifying of the catalogue, which failed, and the repair of the database which followed. The database was corrupted. It is now OK. I have spelt this out in case the problem arises again for someone else. So, all good, and a thanks to Victor from Support.


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