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Captive navigation. Taking speed edit keys to the next level/ maximizing ergonomics.



  • David Grover

    Hi Firstname!  ;)

    It should be possible to do this anyway.  What shortcut do you have set for Next / Previous currently?  It is true that the cursor keys work but there is also this additional short cut.  It could be anything which you could then bind to you gaming mouse / controller.

    Search in the keyboard shortcut editor for "Next"

    Try it out and let us know.

  • Galexy Photo

    Hmm. I guess my years old account doesnt apply to the forum. Might be easier to just change my legal to First Name. Will see.

    Jokes aside, that seems to alleviate my navigation issue! Thanks David! Catch you on youtube!

  • David Grover

    Glad to hear it!!  Can you share more about your game controller and how you set it up?

  • Galexy Photo

    Actually, it appears I already tried that. So the problem is more localized to me and my setup.

    Setting arrow keys to 'next' and 'previous' is rad. However they are now no longer valid for speed edit key modulation.  So I would have to have separate key for navigation and edits.

    To (exhaustively) answer your question: Currently I use a wireless game controller, remapped with software to contain keyboard keys and macros to button presses. This makes for zero comfort or ergonomic issues at any session length.
    I am using a 3rd party controller as it has more buttons, but most major options are supported with the software I use (REWASD). And a basic version of my setup could work on nearly any major controller layout. I also dont think theres anything stopping folks from using this to turn ANY new peripheral (like a second keyboard or numpad) into a Speed Edit power house.

    For basic, pressed buttons I have:
    Shoulder Buttons are ratings (1 and 2 stars is all I ever use)
    Select and Start are Pick WB and Pick Skin Color
    One of the face buttons is the shft key for modifying some keys like image multi selection with left or right + shift.
    (Joystick directions can be keys so)
    The Left Joystick is:

    • Left and Right are Undo and Redo
    • Up is copy and apply adjustments (for when I've multi selected images)
    • Down is select primary only.

    One of the controllers unique face buttons is set to Select next layer down, which can obviously just cycle layers. Excited to see if I can update anything with the newest C1 layers copy additions.
    This specific controller has 4 extra buttons on the back: 2 have been mapped to copy settings and apply settings for on the fly presets. Might need to set the other two for the Smart Adjustments variants.

    From here, everything else is for Speed Edit keys, so holding a button obviously turns my D-pad (which is simply keyboard arrows) into speed edit adjustments:

    Shoulder buttons when held are now WB and Tint speed edit.
    A couple face buttons held for Brightness and Exposure speed edit.

    The Right Joystick is:

    • Left or right hold for Blacks or Whites speed edit
    • Up or down for Highlights or Shadows speed edit
    • Click in for before/after

    Overall needs some refinement and would like to add more local tool buttons like brush, eraser and healing to more quickly select and stay firmly on either the controller or mouse. Apologies for the thesis, it felt like I either write this mini thesis or respond "Me am use controller to go fast!".

    At a macro view this allows me to do all culling, Exposure, High Dynamic Range and White Balance edits without leaving the controller. Huge improvement from the midi controller + LR system I had before and one of the biggest reasons I am evangelical about C1.
    Hoping the 'captive navigation' isn't a case of 'easy to imagine, painful to program'. But I also understand it is probably an absurdly niche request.


  • Steve Reid

    I just posted a Q relaxing to similar . as I get frustrated having to recheck the browser / images to be able to use cursors , each time after doing a small adjustment. 

    like you too , I've never used the cursors to adjust anything in 10 years ! 

    is there a way to make the cursors stick to the grid navigation ? 

    this would speed up my workflow so much , cant believe others aren't moaning about this too or devs haven't figured out this needs to be implemented 


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