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Option to generate missing previews



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Previews or thumbnails? Previews will be generated as soon as you select an image in the browser and show it in the viewer, which is quick, so you should never really "experience" a missing preview.

    Tbe only time I had a missing thumbnail (black thumbnail) has been in the context of offline files. I'm interested in your observation, can you elaborate more detail?

  • Thomas Kyhn
    Top Commenter

    This is about previews. As I remember, thumbnails are generated from previews, so as long as the previews have been generated, thumbnails can be generated even if the referenced image files are offline.

    Two disadvantages of missing previews are: 

    • Not being able to view images when referenced files are offline.

    • Performance: Capture One is slow when previews are being generated in the background / if previews have to be generated when you select individual images.

    I prefer to have the process running when I'm not using Capture One, for instance by leaving it open over night. If for some reason Capture One won't start generating previews automatically, it would make things easier with a simple option to generate missing previews.


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