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CO23 Completely Unusable. Keeps Crashing on M1 Mac


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    Frank Schroeter

    Please contact Capture One Tech Support with these issues. 

    In general, if you have upgraded a Catalog, e.g. from CO22 to CO23, and want to go back, you have to restore a Catalog backup, see https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002518657-Restoring-a-Catalog-from-a-backup .

  • FirstName LastName

    Can someone from support get back to the community on this? ASAP? Upgraded my sessions / catalogs and can't access anything from CO22. I'm dead in the water. This is my livelihood. My studio is at a standstill.

  • Jason Leaman

    Same here. it *occasionally* sees the files but then drops the hard drive and tells me that all of my files are corrupt, freezes, or crashes.

    Lightroom works fine.

  • Spicyjello

    Seems my last post vanished. Sorry if this is duplicated. 

    With any issues I always verify and repair the catalogs first thing. 

    To do this. While in Capture One navigate to "file" and choose " verify catalog or session"  Once selected, choose the catalog or session you want to check

    After running you will get a pass or fail. If you get a fail, choose to repair.

    This usually solves most of the issues I have had.

    Good Luck


  • GreyT

    I run it on macmini m1, 16 gb memory, and macos 13.0 Ventura… it seems to work like a breeze for me… several new features too.

    All my data is store on RAID(16TB) connected via thunderbolt 3 Corning fiber-cable 25 meters, which also gives me a quiet office.

    I vould strongly suggest you update to newest macos (based on many ears of experiences… who remember snow leopard 😎?


  • Albert Hess

    In general, if you have upgraded a Catalog, e.g. from CO22 to CO23, and want to go back, you have to restore a Catalog backup, see https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002518657-Restoring-a-Catalog-from-a-backup basket random.

    May we have a response from the support team on this matter? ASAP? I upgraded my session and catalog files but now CO22 files are inaccessible.

  • Frank Schroeter

    This is a community forum. If you experience this problem with the latest version 16.1.1, please submit a bug report through https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=5001426573597 .

    We will need

    • Your logs (Capture One main menu > Scripts > Get logs)
    • The Catalog database [Catalog name].cocatalogdb (right-click Catalog file > Show package contents).
    • Also helpful is your upgrade path, e.g. upgraded directly from 15.4.3 to 16.1.0.
    • Any other information you can think of might also be helpful, e.g. the storage location(s) and file system of external disks, custom permissions setup, ...

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