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Capture One 23 (16.2.4) release notes



  • James Sawle

    When are the Limitations going to be removed, at present we are having to use Lightroom only because we need to ctalogue small files that also need to be catalogued so that when we pull up a clients work, or a particular shoot, this information also appears, this includes a lot of small files such as logo's and other items that we need to include with the photo's such as small logo's and project information which we store as small png or jpeg images, and sometimes we store videos as well, we do not need to edit them but we do need them to appear in searches, When will these limitations be finally sorted?

    Kind Regards


  • GMeo4k

    It seems to me that this service patch is fairly inconclusive.

    There are many Nikon Z optics (even with multiplier) that are ignored in favor of Fuji optics.

    For example 17-28 28-75 70-180 180-600 (the two latest with TC-1.4x and TC-2.0x multiplier). Are you waiting for November 1st to publish the profiles so as to push for the purchase of a new license?



    Please enable tethered shooting with the LUMIX camera.

  • Morgan LD

    It's great to see already the new GF Lenses support! Unfortunately, I can't afford to spend €209 to upgrade my Capture One 2023 perpetual license, which is already obsolete after 6 months.

  • David Mantripp

    What a [redacted] surprise.  Still no [redacted] support for the Ricoh GRIIIx.  Is it _so_ difficult to do for your poor, hard working developers? Or is the carrot of charging $200+ in a month or so too much for your sales & marketing sharks to resist?

    Incompetence or greed? It's getting harder and harder to know with CaptureOne these days.

  • David Mantripp

    Addendum - apparently there was GRIIIx support initially, then it was pulled from the Release Notes, but apparently not from the code, at least not fully.  So my situation is now:

    On (Mac), there is a Ricoh GRIIIx ProStandard profile (and nothing else, no "Generic") which currently gives truly horrible results.  Curve shows "No Value" and no curve can be applied for GRIIIx images - even if I set some generic profile like Ricoh GR DNG Generic, or a GRIII Cobalt profile.   

    What a clown show.


  • AL23

    I have the same GRIIIx "clown show". So it's Lightroom to the rescue once again...


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