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What does the error message “Unable to Open Catalog. The catalog is currently in use by: ...” appear?



  • Seppo Helle

    i had this problem after copying a catalog to an external drive for working on another computer. First tried to go back to C1 on the computer where the catalog was made, thinking that i had not closed it properly there or something. Well, after closing the application and trying again, still the same complaint. Blah. Found this help eventually, but I think if this is a common problem (seems to be!) THERE SHOULD BE A BETTER SOLUTION than teaching the user to go to file manager to delete something. The application should be able to help the user through this obscure problem. The user should be asked something appropriate e.g. "Should we let this application use the catalog? Do this only if you are sure no other user is working on it now." And then delete that writelock file and let me do what I want. Thank you.

  • Gregg Segal

    I create sessions, not catalogs, so there is no "show package contents" in my drop down menu. Please provide a solution for those who work from sessions.


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