What file formats are suitable for import?



  • Vicki Anderst

    when trying to import jpeg files they are greyed out and only my raf files are imported.  I want to play with fuji in camera settings that produce jpeg only. i.e. sharpen, highlight, classic chrome etc. Or do they have a way to change jpeg in camera then to raw. 

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  • Lily

    Hi Vicki,

    Thank you for the comments.

    In RAW+JPG stacks, either the RAW or the JPG file format is marked as the "Original". The other format is hidden behind the "Original" format and not visible in the Aperture. This also makes it not visible to the importer in Capture One. Thus, Capture One only imports the file format that is marked as the Original. If you want to import both RAW and JPG files to the Capture One Catalog, you will have to mark RAW as "Original" first and import your files into Capture One, then mark JPG as "Original" and import the files once again.


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  • Mirko Votta

    Hi, how can I deal with unrecognized videos formats (sony A7 video format MTS)? Do I need to install the codec in Windows 10 or is a Capture One limit? Can Capture one preview video files?


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  • Ed Sinclair

    I'm using C1 for Fujifilm (having previously used the full version, I realised both my cameras are Fuji so made the switch). I'm sure I could open Tif files in C1Fuji before, but last time I got some scans back, they were greyed out and I wasn't able to open them.
    Is this a limitation of the brand version (it's not mentioned anywhere), or am I doing something wrong? I converted them to JPEG and then C1 opened them no problem from the same file folder.
    - Ed

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