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How can I name images on import into a Catalog?



  • Andrea Mariniello

    There is an old issue I never understood how to fix.

    When you save your preset it often and randomly (but persistently) happen that they are greyed out and you can't change the preset. manually compose is the only way. Any idea how to solve it?

    Mac OS (10.15 and older version same issue. CO 11, 12, 20 - same issue)

  • Lily

    Hi Andrea,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Some tokens available in the Next Capture Naming tool might be unavailable in the Naming tool of the Import dialog box. Thus, if you have the presets with the tokens only available in the Next Capture Naming tool, it could not be applied properly to the imported images.

    If that is not the case, then the greyed-out presets could be an OS-specific bug. If so, please submit the request to the Support Team with as many details as possible.




  • FirstName LastName


    I recently moved to CaptureOne 21 and actually managed to use the tokens, however can I customize those?

    The given token only (amongst other formats) allows for "YYYY-MM-DD"
    I used to use an import format of image taken, but "YYYY-MM-DD_hh-mm-ss" 

    Underscore between date of day and time, dashes between hour, minute, second. CaptureOne uses blank and dots there. In the Nikon importer I could freely write down the format like above in the text and it was used like that.

    Yes I know. It's close, but I have tens of thousands of files in that format and really would like to stick exactly to it. Any idea please?


    Best Regards, 



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