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Importing images into a Session



  • Stuart Creighton

    Starting from Capture One 21 (14.1.0), the Importer has the option of displaying images in an import Viewer  as addition to the standard thumbnail grid view. This can be enabled in one of the following ways:

    a. Using keyboard shortcut G
    b. Clicking on the Viewer icon at the top
    c. Double-click on any image

    Please note, Double clicking on image or going to click on the Viewer icon does not work in latest 22 version on Mac, only G works 

  • Marcel Hohenstein

    useless, useless, useless, the shit software kills my photos!!

  • Marcel Hohenstein

    its a expensive bunch of bugs

  • John Clyde

    Importing a range of images into a session using Shift no longer works for me.

  • Jeff Herbert

    Importing Images: Shift click not working in import, I have to pick images one by one.  This happens inconsistently.


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