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  • Howard Whitaker

    As a newbie (coming over from Aperture), I'm having trouble grasping the organization of photo files. It might help to have some sort of diagram so show how "Catalogs" and "Sessions" and "Albums," etc., relate to each other. I'll look for a video tutorial in hopes of getting more help.

    It would be helpful to see an example. I want to be able to access groups of photos and work on them in Cap1. What's the first step? etc.

    Or would it be simpler to keep my photos in my Mac's "Photos?"

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  • Lily

    Hi Howard,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Catalogs and Sessions allow organizing your workflow depending on your projects and preferences. Read more about the Catalogs here and about Session here.

    Meanwhile, Albums are virtual folders that help in structuring your workflow and organizing images. Read more about the virtual organization of images here.

    Thank you for the suggestion regarding the diagrams and examples showing the relation of Catalogs and Albums, for instance. That indeed might be helpful for users to have the graphical representation of the file organization.

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