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About the exposure meter in Exposure Evaluation



  • anita chaudhuri

    Hi, this is really useful information. Would you therefore advise against exposing for highlights in camera? I always shoot minus a third of a stop for this reason. I’m new to capture one and certainly have found the Auto exposure tool isn’t creating the best results. Also, Auto mode on the exposure tool often creates blown highlights which are clearly visible on the histogram which is very puzzling. There’s no obvious explanation for this - eg loads of dark tones in one part of the photo. It happens even on photos where it’s all mid tones. I’d be interesting to hear thoughts on this. Thanks!

  • Lily

    Hi Anita,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Shooting RAW images allows you to alter many settings in Capture One further without degrading the image quality.

    Thus, instead of Auto Exposure setting, use the Exposure tool and the High Dynamic Range tool for adjusting exposure.

    Adjusting the Shadow and Highlight sliders in the High Dynamic Range allows not only the recovery of shadows and highlights but provides the possibility to amplify the ranges, increasing the contrast. The Black and White sliders in the Hight Dynamic Range tool are used for better control of the darkest shadows and the brightest highlights.

  • anita chaudhuri

    Ah, thanks v much, that’s most helpful.


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