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Inverting negative or positive film in Capture One CH



  • Uwe Berner

    Hi Lily,

    How is it possible to convert a Negativ to a Positiv with the regular Capture One Pro 21 Version?

    Thanks in advance


  • Lily

    Hi Uwe,

    Thank you for the question.

    This feature is available only in CH version of Capture One. However, there are several requests to have this feature in Capture One Pro. Thus, I will forward your suggestion as a feature request to the corresponding department.

  • Juan Valle

    I can not believe this is not included in the pro version...

  • Uwe Berner

    That sound´s good. Could you please show me where I can find this " Base Characteristics".

    I did not discover this feature in my CO21, may bee its hidden somewhere. Please tell me the location of the Base Characteristics.

    Thank you for your support.

    Best Uwe

  • Lily

    Hi Uwe,

    The Base Characteristics tool is located in the Color tool tab by default.

    If it is not there, right-click anywhere in the tool tab area and select Add Tool Tab -> Base Characteristics.

  • Bart Slaman

    Hey all, 

    With capture one pro 20 you can cross your black and white levels and invert it. Works for black and white photo's. Not the best solution but more of a work around. Enjoy! Oh and your exposure controls work the other way around :-)

  • Brian Nelson

    Thank you, Bart, this is good news.  Have you used the method for making prints?  I'm relieved to find that Photoshop's Invert feature would be possible to do in Capture One.  I will be trying it out to make digital negatives for darkroom printing, and scanning color negatives to print digitally.    

  • Jason Turner

    Can you provide an update on your experiment?

  • Barry Wilkinson

    There are now thousands of C1 users scanning their negatives with a digital camera. It seems strange to me that you already have the software written for the Cultural Heritage product but you seem very reticent to port it to C1 Pro?

    You are/will be losing a lot of C1 users to Lightroom due to your omission. I would pay an additional fee for this feature.

  • Alexander Bryzgalov

    Thank you fBart Slaman! It is very good hint! It is impossible to believe, but apparently one generally very good program Cuptur One 20 for Sony does not have a standard conversion from negative to positive, and no explanation for it.

  • Hans

    Will this be in capture one 22?  this is the only thing Lightroom has over c1. 


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