How do I move a Catalog?



  • EIW

    All your links (at the top of this Guide) you refer to  don't work.  HTTP error 400... 

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  • Lily

    Hi EIW,

    Thank you for this note.

    Now everything is fixed.


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  • Menno de Vries
    I followed the steps (moving a Catalog with a referenced file option to another location on the same workstation, Mac)
    - it does not create a new catalogue, but saves the cocatalog. So I just have the backup catalog in the right place now.  
    What could I do wrong? I guess I misunderstand the way. 
    Brings me to the following question:
    - Why can't you move the actual catalogue file to another folder (instead of the backup catalog)
    - do I assume right that the size of the catalog mainly consists of preview files? 
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