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Panorama Stitching overview



  • Sylvain André


    I am currently experimenting with the new panorama stitching feature and it seems to be working fine, at least on some sets of pictures.

    An interesting refinement that could be implemented in that new tool : could the possibility to ignore cropped areas of selected photos be included ?

    For instance it could help to be able to prevent the algorithm from selecting a part of the subject which is blurry in picture 2 while it is sharp in picture 3.



  • Maryna Sopilniak

    Hi Sylvain, 

    Thank you for feedback on Capture One - we appreciate the time you’ve taken to contribute towards the development of the software.

    I have forwarded your suggestions to add the option to ignore cropped areas in selected images when using Panorama stitching to our Product Management team as something to consider in a future release.

    Hopefully, your feedback contributes towards a future version of Capture One.

  • Jarred DuQuette


    I would like to use this feature for top down pictures I've taken with my drone for doing a neighborhood map.  

    What settings would be recommended for doing this?

  • Maryna Sopilniak

    Hi Jarred, 

    Thanks for your comment. 

    We think the spherical projection works best, but please check this with your images.

  • Bobby

    Quite a few times I get an error 4 where C1 refuses to do any stitching. There is plenty of overlap. I have tried selecting only 2-3 files but the problem remains. I am using Fuji GFX100s. The problem happens on PC as well as Mac.

    And C1 need a way to allow easy crop within the stitched image. 

  • Oleg Golubchik


    . Здравствуйте ! Попробовал сшивать панорамы. Первый день все получалось . А на второй день нет уведомления о сшивки и получаются маленькие- - несколько кб.  Как это исправить ?

  • Ioan Braghesiu

    I love Capture One, but i hate it when it comes to Panorama or HDR, this is the only thing LR is trully capable and fast


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