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Capture One 23 (16.0) release notes



  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    The "Installation" section of this document needs to be updated to reflect the new version number, I think.

  • Pete Keats

    I seem to be having proxy file creation issues on my Apple M1 Mac running Monterey.



  • Andrzej Artymowicz


    I'm a Lumix S1R user. Since the introduction of the camera in 2019 Capture One has a serious issue dealing with high resolution mode: a huge white rectangles around the highlights, which changes position when you zoom the picture... It's impossible to export the proper image. I would consider upgrading to v23 but I need a confirmation the serious issue has been solved. Could you comment on this subject please?



  • Alex Harris

    I've installed v23 today and noticed a couple of things missing:

    1. In Browser grid view there's no zoom bar available to change the size of the thumbnails. Weirdly, if I re-size the toolbar then the zoom bar appears. But if I switch to Viewer mode then back to the grid, the zoom bar is gone again.

    2. When I look at a single picture in Viewer mode, there's no zoom bar anymore on the filmstrip. So the filmstrip shows one long row of images that I have to scroll left & right, instead of the normal behaviour (several rows the width of the main window).




  • Allen Chiu

    I have been using Capture one for five years and had upgraded every major release.  This upgrade, V.23, is the least compelling I've seen

  • June Norsworthy

    Does this work well on Macs with Apple M1 or the newer MacBookPro with Apple M1 Max Chip?



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