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Capture One 23 (16.0.2) release notes



  • GMeo4k


    Perhaps a sporadic error, after restarting the Mac, it now works properly.

    Hello, for the MacOs bug

    Fixed an issue where the frame of the Loupe looked incorrect.

    Now the Loupe does not open correctly: clicking it opens and closes instantly.

  • Georges Schneider


    an update for one new lens and one more camera and two bug fixes for Windows - that's not enough for the money you're asking now.... 

  • GMeo4k

    @Georges You probably haven't read the price tables that have been entered: buying CO with a perpetual license (every 2 years) is worth more than before. If you are a fan of ‘the latest camera just released’, 200€ of CO is the last of your problems.

  • Georges Schneider

    @GMeo4k:  you compare apples with oranges






  • Alex Harris

    I upgraded to this new version a few days ago and now tethering isn't working anymore! I use a Fuji XT3 and XPRO2 and it worked perfectly on the previous version. Nothing else has changed in my setup (Macbook Pro, tether cables, dongle...), System Info shows everything is normal and the cameras are recognised. I use it professionally so I need tethering to work ASAP. I'll download and reinstall the previous version meanwhile...

  • Jürgen Lachmuth

    When will the fixed loupe tool be available for CO 22 ?

    Still a known issue: Collapsing tool palettes after restarting CO. When will this be fixed in CO 22?

  • Menno de Vries

    Will there be support for macOS 13.2.1 (and higher)? 

    I've been waiting with updating macOS as is the general wisdom not to go with the first version. Now that I would like to update both macOS (to 13.2.1) and Captureone (to 23), it seems they are not compatible!  So am I stuck at macOS 12 or is there a solution? (release notes v. 23 mention supported up to 13.1). I already have bought C1 23.


  • GMeo4k

    CO23 is perfectly compatible, a note from PhaseOne on compatibility will be missing, but in general MacOs13 is compatible.

    The real question is: why has a quarter of a year already passed and still no major update has been seen?


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