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  • Jack W

    JoJu The post was closed because the conversation was entirely off topic and the feature request was implemented and left with an official comment. As this post demonstrates, the conversation never really stops...

  • JoJu

    I hope you saw the "thank you". You said 

    The "extreme irony" came from the fact your comment about hurt feelings, actually kind of got to me, because that's not the tone of conversation I want people to be having on here. 

    I just wanted to mention that I don't want to make fun about feelings, I just referred to Denis Huk's post saying I hurt his feelings. At first, the "translation" I did make an ironic comment about, WAS objectively bad. And I do not see or judge how hard somebody is trying, I judge the result.

    Off topic? Well, it was in community feedback, so strictly speaking: until your reply, the thread was rather spot on about the visibility of own votes and Marcin's struggle with finding his posts again. I just passed on a discovery how he could find his posts. I had the same troubles with that horrible forum software. You didn't program it and maybe you're suffering more - as user, I just can turn my back if a place gets too hostile or unpleasant.

    Sometimes improvement or feature request for C1 end up here in community feedback. These one can call "off-topic" as well, but are a result of not very intuitive navigation / description tiles.

    And for you mods just as a suggestion: I got sort of unfriendly and debatable feedback from three mods in a rather short time. If you guys care for a vivid forum, learn how to deal with posts of users with another opinion. Or simply block me. Because I have to say, I'm not here because I'm longing for bad or inpolite or hypersensitive replies. They just add to the partly bad user-experience of the app itself.

    Have it your way, I'm out for a couple of days.


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