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White Balance Tint slider is set to max value when Canon R8 files are merged with HDR tool




  • Sergi Salillas

    Fixed and included in Capture One 16.3

    You can download the latest Capture One 23 (16.3.0) here and view the release notes here.


  • Nicolas Claris


    Not fixed! the same happens to GFX 100 II files…

    HDR is completely unusable, the HDR previously created with C1 16.2 comes with a green cast when read with 16.3, the HDR created with 16.3 gets a hard redish cast! (Although thumbnails in C1 navigator are read correctly)

    I have to add that in 16.2 HDR comes with a Tint over 50 (around 60 to 80)… Even if the result looks close to reality… But when I wanted to correct a bit to get a little less red, I just can't as C1 does not accept tint values over 50 when manually typed! 

    Are you using any workarounds or other solutions to achieve your goals in Capture One?
    I did redo the hardware acceleration, did not help.
    Disabled hardware acceleration in the pref, did not help either…

    Mac Apple Studio M1Ultra / Ventura 13.4.1 / 64 ram Gb - Fuji GFX 100 II files

  • Chelaru Ionut

    Not fixed for z8 files also. 

  • Thodoris Chorianopoulos

    Chelaru Ionut for Z8 files is fixed with the new 16.3.1

  • Markus Zuber

    I think you have to rethink the way you are handling DNGs in C1. Maybe you talk a little bit more to Adobe. But what we see here is clearly a mess!


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