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Can't import jpeg photos from a folder



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    It is probably because they are shot on a Nikon, then.

  • Martin Tolley

    I had a similar problem way back. I eventually opted for the "full" version of C1 to handle my back-catalogue, but one thing I recall as a work around was to load the jpgs to another software (maybe an old version of photoshop - can't recall exactly) and then save them from there as jpgs but stripping out all the metadata. Some I may have converted via Adobe's DNG converter as well.

  • Paul Steunebrink

    Ian, it may have changed, but I recall that the Express versions accepted JPG files from all cameras. The limitation was for the raw files. But even then, you could import raw files from another brand, which were read-only.

    I am not sure about JPGs straight out of the camera.


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