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Only a few photos are transferred from Cloud to CO



  • sarah isaacs

    I have just had the same issue trying to download from the cloud. I have 462 photos uploaded but only 14 download to Capture one. I am running exactly the same operating systems and versions as you

  • Håkan Aldrin

    sarah isaacs I just got this reply from CO support re our issue:

    "Hi Håkan,
    Thanks for contacting us. This issue you are describing is a known bug that our R&D teams are working to fix.

    Your case will be added to the bug report, and I will place your ticket on-hold while we work on this. I will get back to you in case we need any more information regarding this report.
    We will do our very best to provide a fix for this as soon as possible, but unfortunately I can't guarantee that it will be ready for the next service release.

    I can however promise that I will keep you updated on the progress of the fix. Regarding this and other known issues, kindly check our Bug Tracker as this is where we share the latest known bugs and problems as well as comment on their status. 

    Kind regards,
    Helen - Capture One Support"


  • William Carlson

    Hi Helen,

    Thanks for the update!  I am having this problem as well.  I looked in the Bug Tracker and could not find the item for this bug.   Where can I find it?

    Bill Carlson

  • Peter Bourget

    Importing photos in any way is broken. I’ve had a bug report in for several months but apparently it isn’t important enough to fix.

  • sarah isaacs

    I've downloaded the new version/service release and it is not fixed for me. Considering we pay for this as an extra over and above CaptureOne (desktop) and it is integral to the use of the mobile app with the desktop app, I hope that they extend our licence by the months that it has not worked. 


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