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When I open C1 pro 16.3.7 it does not show the last image selected



  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    I think I am right in saying that the "last image" will be saved in the userconfig file, usually for each of the last 10 (iirc) catalogs and sessions used and closed.

    Personally I rarely open and close sessions unless Windows needs to update or, more importantly, C1 is updating. 

    I have opted to use the "Close Window" option on the "File" menu as my referred way to close a session or catalog. Having multiple sessions or catalogs open at the same time and needing to close only one of them means that closing C1 is not a good option.

    That usually means that when I re-open the session I get back to where I was before. Unless there has been a glitch of some sort when writing to the userconfig file. 

    I do not use catalogs in the same way and rarely for active projects so I would not know whether there is a significant problem related to the method of closing a catalog.

  • Gideon Kane

    Paolo - 
    I am seeing the same thing, and have been wondering why when I re-open C1 it never seems to reopen to the last edited image. I only use catalogs. 

    Anyone have any ideas?


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