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About Capture One Enterprise



  • Graham Clarke
    With the Enterprise crop or guide option can we export multiple saved guide templates as layers in a .psd file export? We use 3 aspect ratios for our templates and we want to be able to deliver files to retouch and design that show how an asset will look within each template.


  • Jim_DK
    Not without a hefty automation script... Part one of the problem is overlays and guides are per application, not per variant - part two is you can only have one instance of them at any one time.

    But a good feature request! If you contact support with the full requirements we can make sure product management review it.
  • Sean Murphy

    Is there any benefits of the Enterprise license over the Pro multi-seat license other than some of the automation stuff and the Management Dashboard?  We are already heavily automating metadata, styles, etc so are not sure we need those features in Enterprise but the Management Dashboard sounds appealing.


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