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HEIC Support




  • Dirk Dittert

    I would even go further and even see evaluated if HEI/HVEC would be beneficial to use for thumbnails and preview images. These files consume a considerable amount of space for large libraries.

  • Sebastian Szyszka


    That's a fantastic idea.


  • Lost Carrier

    Be aware that there is also this one:

    ...but you definitely have my up-vote!

  • Lily

    Hi  Sebastian,

    Thank you for feedback on Capture One - this is always welcomed and encouraged among our users and we appreciate the time you've taken to contribute towards the development of the software.

    I have forwarded your comments and suggestions to our Product Management team as something to consider in a future release.

    Whilst we cannot comment on future releases, we take all suggestions on board and hopefully your feedback contributes towards a future version of Capture One.

  • BeO

    I consider this format as a better quality and/or lower file size candidate for long term archivals especially if you want future generations (literally, your children) to view your work or family photos.

    In 20+ years JPG will be an ancient and low quality format, tiff will probably still considered too big, and raw formats of your current cameras no longer readable, even if your children will want to mess up with raw converters at all, which is questionable.

    So, HEIC for import AND export please.


    Vote for the format by commenting here:


  • AndyE

    When will HEIC/HEIF-support finally arrive? Please C1 don’t be the last to jump on the bandwagon. 

    Import ‘and’ export of this format is really needed in today’s times!

    I export my images from all my different camera’s from C1 into TIFF and have to convert those with an additional tool into HEIC just to be able to import my pics into Apple Photos in the HEIC format. This gives me half of the size of JPEGs and that’s reason enough.

  • Dany Schulthess

    Es wäre schön, wenn das HEIC Format bald unterstütz würde.


    beste Grüsse

  • FirstName LastName

    they closed voted page=)  But without import option it hasn't done.
    Plus, 8-bit ... isn't it the same as JPEG, while HEIC\HEIF support more?

  • Christopher Dobey

    HEIC export support would be greatly appreciated thank you!

  • FirstName LastName

    "Please note that exporting to HEIF/HEIC as format is not supported, so another available format should be selected for output either in the Process Recipe tool or in the Export window."

  • AndyE

    The more people that place a support request, the better the chance that eventually we once get HEIC support for 'exporting' images out of CO. Which I would really love to see. 

  • David

    I also support this request.  As others are currently doing, I export to TIFF and then use a third-party program to convert to HEIC.  This takes a considerable amount of time (specifically, exporting to TIFF) and is more wear and tear on my storage devices.  Being able to export directly to HEIC would be amazing.

    As others have noted, HEIC offers considerable advantages over JPEG at this time.  It dramatically cuts the amount of storage space.  For people processing only a handful of photos at a time it may not seem like much, but the savings are significant when discussing hundreds and thousands of photos.

  • Sergey Pylypenko

    HEIC/HEIF 16bit urgently needed!!!

  • Michael Zedler

    HEIC support is indeed urgently needed. 8bit & 16bit. Import & export.

    At present I have to export as 16bit TIFF, and then use ImageMagick's convert tool (with libheif installed) - this is a proof-of-concept but not a workflow!

  • Thomas Ahern

    HEIC support for both import and export is needed. As is, I'm stuck with converting exported photos.


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