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Export Recipe & Proofing



  • BeO

    Hi Tony,

    What do you mean by "saving the image"? Save to a file? Then you need to export, as you "develop"  and convert your raw file into an image file. That's the way C1 works, all adjusments to the original raw file (or any other file, incl. tif or jpg) must be processed by exporting it. Of course you can see a preview of the export by soft-proofing it.

    Documentation is often very helpful, you can start here for soft-proofing, I assume:



  • Tony Hill

    Perhaps i didn't word my question clearly enough.

    I want to apply an Export Recipe to an image within C1 to see what it is like before Printing directly from C1.

    However, when I go to the 'Export Recipe' screen, the only option I can see is to Export. I don't want to Export the file, that is what I currently do when printing. I export and print from where I have exported to.

    I want to print directly from C1 with an Export Recipe applied. How do I apply a recipe to an image without having to export it?

  • BeO

    I don't print directly, sorry. Maybe you find the answer to your question here:


  • Pavel Hubík


    According to my knowledge, Export recipes have nothing to do with the appearence of the image printed from C1. For example, output sharpening and color profile are set in the Print dialog and Export Recipe independently.

    I prefer to avoid printing from C1 because in my several attempts I struggled with both page layout and print quality.

  • Gerald Moulder

    If you have not already, add the proofing icon to the toolbar (looks like eye glasses). In the Export tool tab, create and select a recipe with the ICC profile for the printer/paper you want to proof (Export Format and Size tool in the Export Tool Tab).  Open the image in the viewer (g) and click on the proofing icon to activate (orange).  With a properly calibrated monitor and proper brightness setting (usually 50% or less), you should see a close match to how a print will look.  With other recipes created for ICC profiles you may click and hold on the Proofing icon to display a list of recipes.  Positon the pointer over a different recipe and release, the soft proofing with change to the different ICC profile.   When Proofing is turned on 'Proofing' will appear top center of the image display.


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