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C1-22 v15.2 - Crash upon accessing folder of images



  • Hansjörg Nothdurft

    I have exactly the same problem. C1 v15.2.0 crashes as soon as the first photo is displayed in the viewer.

  • David Lagos

    Today upgraded from Sony to Pro & crash.

    When try see any pic (raw), C1 crash.

    I'll have sessión this Thursday and and i must deliver the ready photos to the client this Saturday :-(

  • Robin Huzell

    Same issue, are there a fix?

  • OddS.

    > Robin Huzell: a fix?

    I use v20 and have no idea what is plaguing v21 or V22. I would check out potential incompatibilities between Capture One and the operating system, drivers etc. Verify that your system meets Capture One requirements:


  • George Ball

    See the post I just did on lockup under v15.3.  It seems to be a possible bug that is causing excessive cpu usage. I'm running on a Mac but it may be the same issue on Windows


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