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Carry over settings to new Capture One version



  • Abbott Schindler

    I've never lost any of my settings during an upgrade. I'm running Macs, and all I do is drag the new Capture One app from its disk image to my Applications folder. If I want to keep the previous version, I'll rename it (example: Capture One 22 if I'm going to install v23), and then drag the new version across. Keyboard shortcuts, workspaces, styles, export recipes, etc. are all fine. The most I've had to do is tweak a workspace or 2 (as in "they changed icons and I've got to adjust).

    How are you installing?

  • Christoph Hagen

    It's a new and really annoying thing they did.

    After every update / upgrade you now have to go to "Workspace > Restore from previous (15.4.1)" for example.

    At least there is a way to get your old layout & settings back, but why take it away in the first place?

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    but why take it away in the first place?

    One of the reasons, I think, is that your old workspace won't have any of the new tools. For example, you may not have the Cull tool on your toolbar, and the Smart Adjustments tool will not appear on your tool tabs anywhere. 

    And it's not too annoying - restoring the old workspace if you want to only takes a moment and only has to be done once.


  • Spicyjello

    This may not be a solution for your immediate problem but hopefully helpful.

    Capture One has a very specific location ALL the settings are saved in. I have included locations for both Mac and PC below as well as a screenshot from a MAc.

    This location includes workspaces, styles export recipes etc. 

    This folder should be backed up and is a shame that Capture One does not allow more user access directly. are comfortable working in these folder, you can organize your styles and presets, brushes, etc. Restarting Capture One is need to see the changes. Personally, this is how I organize all my styles brushes since there is very little control from within Capture One itself. 



    Open Spotlight and paste this line in the Spotlight search bar:

    ~/Library/Application Support/Capture One/Styles

    To access Mac Spotlight, hit command and the space bar or look for the magnifying glass in the top right corner






  • craigwallphotographer

    Hi - I'm having the same issue, although I've never had to restore my shortcuts & user settings after an update in the past, just with 23.  I get that there are new tools, but you'd think the smart thing to do would be to at least show an option upon startup of the new update whereby you can either choose to add your previous user settings and include the new tool, or at the very least a window telling you that the old settings have not copied across and a link to instructions on how to do it.  I had to find out that none of my settings worked when I was in the middle of a photo shoot.

    Also, I do not have this:  "Workspace > Restore from previous (15.4.1)". I just get the generic list of options under "Workspace".  See photo attached.

  • craigwallphotographer

    Further to the above, all my app support folders that previously contained my user settings are empty.  5 years of specific shortcuts, export recipes and styles are gone.  This is a frigging disaster!

  • Spicyjello

    Definitely sucks! Do you have a backup of your machine from any time period? If on a Mac maybe a Time Machine?

  • craigwallphotographer

    Thanks Spicyjello - I just found the folder from Capture 21 in the trash which I deleted when upgrading to 23.  Luckily 90% of my older settings were still in there.

    I know I should have backed up the folder before upgrading to 23, but I've never had a problem with preferences & settings copying over when upgrading in the past.  I definitely will from now on!

  • Spicyjello

    Glad you were able to save some of the data. 

    It is a real oversight on Capture One's part, not to make the management of preferences more intuitive and a priority. 

  • Penny Webb

    I've found the backup from 15.4.1 is really just the default settings and hasn't saved any of my customisations. The backup from 15.4.0 seems ok. I've raised a ticket but it has not yet been accepted as a bug


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