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Offline images explained



  • Lawrence Coleman

    As far as I can tell, my question has never been asked or answered here or elsewhere.  I have lost the originals of about 300 photos, although I did import them into CO 20 so I have the preview thumbnails.  Is there some way to export them, the thumbnails?  Their resolution is good enough for the way I will use them.  The only solution I have come up with is to make screen shots and use those, a long process for 300 photos.


  • Raico Rosenberg

    And what are you supposed to do when Locate nor synchronise does not even show anywhere??? This is incredibly annoying and Zero documentation on the subject. 

  • Jeffrey Harris

    I create separate catalogues for different photo assignments and regularly move those folders of images and catalogs to an external RAID to keep open space on my Mac Book Pro's internal SSD. 

    Doing that, I later discovered that images are "Offline". There's no simple, direct way to reconnect images to a catalogue once they've been branded  "Offline". I would think that this is a really basic function that's simply doesn't work.

    I read through the "instructions" here and they make no sense.

    In the Library, no folder appears. My external RAID doesn't appear.  There's no "Locate…" item in the right-click popup menu. The "Locate Image…" command in the Image menu only works for single photos. There's no way to Batch Locate large numbers of images.

    Is there someplace where the instructions make sense AND actually work? It's incredibly annoying and frustrating.

    There seems to be no way to navigate to it to reconnect image files to catalogues.

  • Steve Sanacore

    How can I click on "locate" for the missing folder instead of the images one by one?



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