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Why is it not possible to import and edit files?



  • Chris Sables

    Capture one express fuji trying to import.
    I selected one photo jpeg and raw same image. and did the following...

    Import all - import into catalog - 2 images have been imported to internal catalog, no errors - take me there - no images selected! 

    I have spent hours trying different images, images from my computer, images from the memory card. I deleted the whole program and reinstalled (two times now!) it and i am still having this issue.

    The worst thing is i just want to edit and store how i want on my external hard drive, not use the catalog system, or use as little as possible.

    Can someone please help me at least import so i can edit, which must be easy compared to this.

    I have tried both add to catalog and copy to catalog with both files stored in my computer and direct from the memory card.

    From computer memory: add to catalog - import all - import into the catalog.

    A box pops up with "two images have been imported to internal catalog - no errors occurred during import. - "take me there" When i click that, "no images selected come on screen" 

    I don't know where to go from here, Picasa maybe :)

    Well i have deleted and reinstalled the program again and i have exactly the same issue. Maybe somehow it is remembering previous setting, but i can't see how. Extremely disappointed that a catalog problem can cause so much time wasted and failure to be able to learn to edit. If i had paid for this i would be demanding my money returned.

  • Chris Sables

    I have again deleted the program and all files i could find. Then reinstalled in the hope of whatever bug is causing my issues is gone. Even when deleting everything when i reinstall there are still an old photo there.

    I need to totally, one hundred percent remove all files and the program. 

    Can someone please explain. If i delete the program all files should be removed, why are they not?

  • Lily

    Hi Chris,

    Are there any filters set in the Filters tool in the Library tool tab?

    Please, also verify if there are any options set in the Global Filters.

  • Chris Sables

    Hi, well slowly i am getting there, i managed to to actually import an image.

    I have the photo ready to edit in the Q menu, but i can't adjust any of the tools there. The only thing that does happen is the histogram shows up when the curser is on the photo.


  • Lily

    Hi Chris,

    Please indicate which product variant of Capture One do you have.

    Files of which format are you importing into Capture One?


  • Chris Sables

    Hi Lily,

    Capture one express, latest.


    I was just practicing and jpeg.

    When i have reinstalled the program, it seems as i am on record through my email address it's reinstalled with the same issues.

    Is it not possible to delete me from your data base there, then i just start from scratch, which was easy before.

  • Lily

    Hi Chris,

    The issues you described above might be related to different things.

    In case you have imported the same images before, and the 'exlude duplicates' option is enabled on import, then only new photos will be imported.

    Also, click on "All Images" in the Library tool to see all the imported images.

    If that does not help, please try to creating another user on your computer and make a clean install of Capture One there.

    Once you open Capture One Express for Fujiiflm, it will create a new default Catalog (there could be only 1 Catalog in Capture One Express). Then import your images into Catalog with one of the possible import options.

  • Paul Martin

    can`t get RAW images from Canon R5 to show when importing...only jepg. Tried and tried



  • Gilbert Kahoo

    Raw  images from Sony a6000 and a6500 work ok, but raw images from a6600 don't open and they are ignored. theres nothing i can do to fix it!

  • Mircea Dragan

    This solution is just useless if you post only how to do it on MacOS. I am a Windows user who is not interested in Mac and I would like to know how it works on Windows. Thank you.

    At this point I cannot use Capture One 21. I have tried several times, last time an hour ago ( and as soon as I select ANY image the computer just shuts down! This never happens in version 20 ( is the latest 20 version which works). I use Fujifilm version.

    Please post how to do the things you explained on Windows. Thank you

    What I did so far:

    - create a new session

    - tried to import files from a directory. No files are shown (I have only RAF files there)

    - tried to import from a directory with some jpg files. Only jpg files are shown, no RAF files.


    It worked fine before I updated to version 21. I had to uninstall the version 21, and now it doesn't work any more with version 20

  • FirstName LastName

    I can understand why C1 doesn't want to edit small jpegs. However I certainly wish it can still manage those in the catalog with the DAM features, including setting ratings, color labels, keywords etc. As a hobbyist, I do have some photos from ages ago with one edge falling below the cut line. Having to upscale and reorganize the catalog is tedious. Is it possible to separate photo content editing from metadata editing / DAM?

  • Hello! I've been trying to figure out how to fix this problem for two days now. Guys, can someone come across this? I tried everything: installed different versions of the program, reset the settings, and so on.
    In short, when importing the RAW format from Canon (CR2), the program itself corrects the equals. It seems to add contrast with curves, the photo looks like a very contrasting one from the very beginning. And for example, Captchur 23 does not allow editing raves at all. By the way, everything is in order with Nikon's raves.
    I hope the problem is solved by reinstalling Windows.

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