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Deactivating Capture One



  • Kenneth Dillard

    The instructions stopped working here:

    3.) Choose your Capture One user product to display your license key.

    Anytime I clicked on the "manage" option, I was taken to my order page--not the page that listed the licenses I owned. So I'm at a loss for how to continue.

  • Leece Johnson

    this is so confusing for people who don't know a great deal about computers . I am lost and not happy . 


  • Kenneth Dillard

    I see where the confusion is now. The instructions should be updated to indicate that once you click on "Manage Licenses" you need to click the drop down arrow the right of the license you're de-activating. It's easy to overlook--and this is coming from a guy who knows computers.

    I've included a screenshot that should (in my opinion) be added to make Step 3 clearer.

  • Erik Christiansen

    Thank´s that works

    back in business

  • Jiří Vlášek

    I have the same screen of website with licenses as Kenneth Dillard, so I can't manage my licenses on the web. And C1 on my computer cannot connect to the server (server connection error), so I cannot deactivate or activate it. It's very confusing.

    Solved. I found a solution on the support site. The problem was TLS in Windows 7. After installing the new version, I found the license management on website.

  • Kenneth Dillard


    When you are on the License Management screen (from my screen shot), do you not have a drop down arrow to the right (where I indicated)?



  • Jiří Vlášek

    Hi Kenneth,

    you can see this in the screenshot from my account. However, the arrow appeared after installing and activating version 21.

  • Kenneth Dillard

    Interesting. Hopefully, things will work smoothly for you moving forward. Good luck.

  • zuowei xie


  • Deirdre Ryan

    Once you deactivate, can you re-activate on the same machines?

  • Derek Martin

    Deactivated as the article, now states that my license key is invalid, so I can't open app on my Mac or MacBook. Can't reload the app as the license key isn't accepted.just keep going round in circles.

    Capture One support is non existent. Seem to use the customer base to solve their short coming in setting up an internal support system.

    Really not impressed with this company!!

  • Savre

    This still doesn't work. I've lost activations because of this bullshit.

  • Kenneth Dillard

    I wish I could help. But I quit using CaptureOne about 18 months ago due to a change in workflow and presets (not available with Capture One). 

  • FirstName LastName

    What is the negative ID number? How is that number generated and where can I find it on a device so I can confirm which computer I am deactivating on?


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