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Applying Styles and Presets to Layers



  • Brian Satoer

    Hi Lily,

    Why can't I just apply it to a new empty layer?

    This is crucial because C1 doesn't allow us to save layers in a style or preset. 
    I am trying to figure out how others do dodging on complete series of photos.

    In LR it is pretty easy. Just pick the brush an set it up or choose a preset. Then just start dodging and when done go to the next photo and dodge etc. 

    Since trying C1 I can't figure a way how to do this quickly. There has to be a layer so it would be handy to just have that in a style so I could select the photos and apply the style. 

    The only way I figured out to do it is to set up one photo in a shoot and then select the rest and copy that layer. But this can't be the way others do it because it is so slow. If I am doing multiple shoots and always use the same setup for dodging there should be a quick way to do it. 

    When I read your article I thought... oke... that's at least something but unfortunately it applies the effect to a filled layer so the entire photo is dodged. The other option is to use selected layer but therefor I first have to make layers to the entire selection. Which just takes too much time. 

    Why can't something like this be just as easy and fast as in LR? Just selecting my dodge brush, going to the first photo, dodging, going to the next..... 

    I have searched around online but I couldn't find anyone who could tell me to do this quickly in C1.

  • Lily

    Hi Brian,

    Do you mean you would like to apply style adjustments just to a certain area of an image?

  • Brian Satoer

    Hi Lily,

    I hope I can explain it with text. I could make a screen recording for you if you give me an address to sent it to.

    The easiest way to explain is when I want to dodge parts of a photo. 

    To do this I make a new empty layer and raise the luma curve. I can make a preset for that and apply it to that empty layer. Then when I brush I can dodge parts of the photo.

    If it is just one... then that's oke. But when I am done with editing an entire shoot, my final step is to lightly dodge the faces. So I start on the first photo and do the dodging but when I go to the next photo it doesn't have that layer so in order to do some dodging I have to make a layer and apply that style, or copy the first layer.

    That all just takes way too much time.

    If I could save layers in a style, I can add that Dodging layer to my default style and have it applied on import. That would be the quickest way.

    When I saw your article I thought, okay... second best thing would be to select the range of photos and then go to the styles and choose Apply to New Layer. But when I do this it applies the style to a filled layer which dodges the entire photo.

    I came from Lightroom and there I would just choose my brush with my dodging preset, do the dodging and go to the next photo and because my brush with those settings is still active, I can immediately start brushing. 

    The entire proces for a wedding with around 500-600 photos usually takes around 15-20 minutes. Now because I have to make a first layer, copy that, that already takes a minute or two which is a significant time-loss in regards to the entire dodging process. 

    And it is a thing I do every time, so it is really annoying having to go through the entire process every time. 

    Having that layer applied during import really is a logical thing to do. And second best is the method you described in this article but then it should be applied on an empty layer and not a filled layer.

    I hope you get the idea.

  • Bernd Grams

    Hi Lily,

    I think it is not possible to apply a style to layers when the black-and-white tool is switched on.  

    This sounds reasonable but I couldn't find a hint in the user guide.

    I bought a your style pack "Beyond B&W" recently. In the short product documentation I read

       "1. APPLY A STYLE Select a Style in contrast strength I, II or III. You can either apply it directly to your photo –  or right click to apply it to a new Layer..."

    But it is not possible to apply any of the styles to a layer. When you right click on the style the menu entry "apply to new layer" is greyed out and if you put the mouse over this menu item it says "adjustments in this style can not be applied to a layer". 

    I think the adjustment that can't be applied to a layer is the black-and-white tool. But nobody seems to know this.



  • Maryna Sopilniak

    Hi Bernd, 

    Thank you for your observation. We have added this information to our Guide. 

    Also, I have forwarded your suggestion to add this option to our Product Management team as something to consider in a future release.

    Whilst we cannot comment on future releases, we take all suggestions on board and hopefully, your feedback contributes towards a future version of Capture One.


  • Polo

    I thought... FINALLY, I will be able to mask styles. It was a well-overdue feature.

    However, In C1 22 I can't apply this to the Beyond B&W collection I just bought.
    Besides, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I can't seem to get the contextual menu with right-click after I highlight the desired style.

    It just operates as a normal click and applies the style...


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