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How can I name images on import into a Session?



  • mc.maehler

    I did everything right... I´d chosen tokens, I had selected a job name and pressed the import button. But after that capture one 21 has changed the whole orders/sequences of all items I have captured. Could you help me? I have no idea what went wrong. Im Beginner in Capture One but I got advanced expierience in lightroom. I cant understand why it doesnt organize the images in the same way like I had captured them on the shooting. Any ideas? 

  • SFA

    What is your selection for the Sort order in the Browser?

    If by Name, what tokens did you set for naming on import and any other import settings for the files - for example specific folders based on tokens.

    What do you have for a Date based sort order? Do the files have a date that can be used for a date and time based sort order? (As an exampled scanned images may not have a useful date for sorting.)

  • krej

    What does the Naming option "Pair RAWs and JPGs" do? 

  • Phrank


    JPG and RAW files will have the same file name, just the file extension will be different.


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