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Why do I get an error while importing Styles?



  • Katrina Niolet

    I'm not so sure of this answer - in a completely fresh install on a brand new PC installing the packs that I got with my subscription I get the error below both PC's that I've installed on. It's also a bit annoying that there is no way to copy-paste the text from the error message.

  • Lily

    Hi Katrina,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Despite this error message, the Styles should be installed. Please, verify whether those appear under the User Styles in the Styles and Presets tool.

  • Weichen LEI

    Same for me, on a freshly installed Capture One 20, brand new Windows 10. First time ever importing purchased style packs still gives me all these errors. I know the styles are still imported, but this is really unprofessional on a tool that costs hundreds dollars. Please fix this annoying error message.

    I even went inside this \Local\Temp\ folder, and there are no such files as complained by the error message.

  • zuowei xie



    I repurchased the style pack, I bought the style pack for CaptureOne20, I upgraded CaptureOne21, and I bought the style pack again. In fact, the 13 style packs are the same. Can I refund the money for the style pack?

  • Damien Flament

    The error is due to special char in file name (+) and (-). However import works fine.
    Should be an easy fix.


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