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  • Olivier SPRUNG-PIN

    Having read very favourable reviews towards Capture One 20, I decided to have a 30 days free trial. Looking for a user guide of this highly developed application, I am very disappointed seeing that:

    1.  there is only an English version of the User Guide (and also just one in Japanese or Chinese) ; do you really think that photographers all over the World are fluent enough in English to understand it all ? Also the French version of the app uses French filenames so it is not obvious to find the exact equivalent in English... 

    2. I printed the User Guide - which is about the size of a telephone book - and I was upset to note that the main text is printed in very light grey characters which make it not very easy to read !

    I wonder what is the point in developing such a sophisticated software if users cannot use it entirely but only a very small percentage of it because of the lack of technical information that is provided to them... ? 

    Sincerely yours.

    Olivier SPRUNG-PIN


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  • Samoreen

    Hi Olivier,

    Please have a look there :

    With exception of the PDF file availability issue, all the documentation problems I mentioned in this thread are still there. The PDF itself doesn't meet the minimum standard for a software documentation.Given the price of a C1 license, I still think that the documentation provided with it, be it online or in the PDF format, is rather unprofessional.

    This is not a new problem, though. I'm using C1 since version 9 and the documentation has always been terrible. Since good C1 books are also hard to find, I guess that we'll have to live with the current doc for a while. They obviously need a technical writer and for the price that we pay, they should hire one. I do not detect any intention to enhance the service in this are, however.

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  • FirstName LastName

    hi! how are you?

    anyway, I have an important question!
    I've just bought capture one for Nikon + pro styles kit but I don't know how I can use styles kit and I can't even find styles kit file :(

    please tell me!

    thanks have a nice day :)

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  • Lily


    Thank you for the comment.

    You may find the link to download 

    The link to download Styles could be found in the confirmation email sent to your once the purchase was made.

    Also, you can find them in the order history. Please, proceed to this page and enter your e-mail that you used to purchase the product.

    Please, let me know if that worked for you.

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