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  • Olivier SPRUNG-PIN

    Having read very favourable reviews towards Capture One 20, I decided to have a 30 days free trial. Looking for a user guide of this highly developed application, I am very disappointed seeing that:

    1.  there is only an English version of the User Guide (and also just one in Japanese or Chinese) ; do you really think that photographers all over the World are fluent enough in English to understand it all ? Also the French version of the app uses French filenames so it is not obvious to find the exact equivalent in English... 

    2. I printed the User Guide - which is about the size of a telephone book - and I was upset to note that the main text is printed in very light grey characters which make it not very easy to read !

    I wonder what is the point in developing such a sophisticated software if users cannot use it entirely but only a very small percentage of it because of the lack of technical information that is provided to them... ? 

    Sincerely yours.

    Olivier SPRUNG-PIN


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  • Samoreen

    Hi Olivier,

    Please have a look there :

    With exception of the PDF file availability issue, all the documentation problems I mentioned in this thread are still there. The PDF itself doesn't meet the minimum standard for a software documentation.Given the price of a C1 license, I still think that the documentation provided with it, be it online or in the PDF format, is rather unprofessional.

    This is not a new problem, though. I'm using C1 since version 9 and the documentation has always been terrible. Since good C1 books are also hard to find, I guess that we'll have to live with the current doc for a while. They obviously need a technical writer and for the price that we pay, they should hire one. I do not detect any intention to enhance the service in this are, however.

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