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Show folder content recursively




  • Official comment
    Jakob Boie Sørensen

    Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for your feature request, it will be forwarded internally to the Product Management team.

    Best regards,

    Jakob, Capture One

  • Enrico Tabacchi

    For me it is the biggest problem that prevents me from moving permanently to Capture One leaving Lightroom aside!

    When I work, dozens, hundreds of products, I need to divide them into folders (folders, of the PC file system), it makes me waste a lot of time not being able to see all the photos of a certain category of products directly by clicking on the category folder .

    it's frustrating, seriously!

  • Lost Carrier

    Hmmm... I either one of this or can be considered a duplicate, isn't it?

    Combining the votes we'd be at 21 then, right? ;-)

    ( of now...)

  • DaveG

    Could admin not merge these two requests.

  • Francois Pepin

    Count me in for this as well!!

  • Jürg Rast

    Why is this marked as "completed"? Is this finally implemented in Capture One 21? If so, how can I enable this, because for me it's still not working.

  • Thomas Kyhn

    (As in the other topic:) "Completed" just means that they've noted that the request has been made, that's all.

  • Al Scott

    Years ago I tried to migrate to Capture One from Lightroom and the lack of recursive folder viewing was the deal-breaker. This is basic functionality present in almost every single DAM/editing application I've used in the last 15 years.

    Rather stupidly, I recently bought CP v 21 assuming this would have been fixed long ago but now I see the debate and feature request is still rambling on.

    The workarounds (filters or being forced into an alternative more complex workflow) are baffling if you come from, for example, Lightroom, where using this functionality is second nature and has been there from day one.

    I've submitted a feature request/bug notification, but seeing this has remained a major defect in CO for years now, I'm not optimistic that it will ever be fixed. Does anyone have any information why this topic has never been addressed or if it has, why it has been decided not to implement it? Metadata filtering/management is fine - if you elect to take that approach, but folder hierarchies are still a clear, fast and intuitive way for many people to review and manage their images (and documents for that matter).

    I recognise that there are many users who are happy with the file management approach hard-wired into CO and have adapted their workflow around it, but for many this doesn't work for them - particularly those migrating from other systems. 

    Purely as a matter of a software feature request, it's interesting as to why this has never been addressed in an upgrade or new version despite a clear demand from potential users. For Lightroom users it can be a deal-breaker, but I assume that this user-base is simply too small for the developers to be bothered with.

    I'm curious as to what "completed" means as well...

  • Thomas Kyhn

    "Completed" just means that they've seen that the request has been made. Somewhat misleading.

  • Thiru Vadivelu

    First post..,How do I vote for this "VERY BADLY NEEDED" enhancement request? .

    I will create a ticket as well.

    Its such a shame, this very basic (but wholly essential) feature is missing from the highly regarded CaptureOne(which I love for all the other reasons, trying to move away from LR).


    1. PLEASE PLEASE make this is a top priority for your next development sprint. This is such a low hanging fruit , much requested and awaited feature/enhancement for apparently years.
    2. The development effort involved shouldnt be hugh, since the ask is to merely implement an "option",that will display all the images in the current+sub-folders recursively - an operation many operating systems naturally support in being able to provide a recursive list of all image files underneath a specific directory/folder.
    3. The workarounds mentioned - do not completely provide the same capability in a simple/straightforward manner. Organizing folders/files recursively , is NOT LIGHTROOM specific..but something many operating systems like Unix/Linux ,Windows have been doing for decades. Even newcomers like Luminar provide this capability so efficiently. Just have a look at Luminar pls, you know what I am talking about.
    4. This is a very basic but critical feature missing in C1, if implemented, will pave way for many many more LR users easily transition - looking at the threads.

    Dont get me wrong, I really like C1 and want to move away from LR completely...,but "product gaps" like these are not very encouraging..esp one thats been requested by a wide consumer base for years, without progress!

    Thank you!

  • Darius Mihai

    I have logged in to this forum just to leave a comment here.

    It would be such a useful feature to have the option to "add all new subfolders" when doing a Synchronize on a folder, and also when doing an import.

    Currently, there is only the "Include known subfolders" when synchronizing.

  • Darius Mihai

    Also how and why is this marked as completed?

    I'm thinking again to move back to Lightroom or some other competitor. As great as CaptureOne is, I really don't like wasting time for simple things like importing/synchronizing all subfolders.

    At least adobe doesn't make us wait for years and years on simple features like these.

    If C1 were open source, I'd implement this myself in a few hours. Add another hour for code review and testing and we're done.

    The only two things keeping me from moving back to LR right now are:

    - C1 has a better UI imho

    - C1 is a one time payment, which is a good thing. I am ditching all subscription-based software and I know a lot of people are doing it too.

    - I don't like the new LR at all and Lightroom Classic seems to be almost abandoned.

    - I like how the sharpness falloff feature works in CaptureOne

    - I very much like the Layer editing capabilities of CaptureOne


    Things that make me think about leaving CaptureOne behind even after paying for it not so long ago:

    - Lack of auto-add all subfolders. I always have to open another explorer window and compare the list of subfolders because what C1 shows under "Folders" is never up to date with what's actually on the file system.

    - Lack of plugins. With LR I was using JFriedl's plugins for export management and collections management, it was great. Adding metadata and auto-exporting with custom auto-naming was never easier than that. With C1 you have to "make a request" for a plugin instead of just writing it yourself or paying someone to do it.

    Lack of the ability to batch export to folders that have names based on the name of the folder that the original is in. This was easily achieved in LrC with jFriedl's plugins.

    - Lack of panorama and hdr merging. With C1 I have to export to TIFF, open with Affinity, merge, get back to C1 and continue editing.

    - Lack of lens profiles, and most importantly - Lack of the ability to save a custom lens profile. Ok, I get it, C1 wants to only have curated lens profile. Great, ok. However, I *need* the ability to manually create a lens profile and save it. Currently in C1 I can of course tweak all the distorsion, pinchusion etc settings but there is not the ability to save. The workaround is to save a Lens Correction preset and manually apply it.

    - Lack of the ability to import a manufacturer lens profile. For example, IRIX provides lens profiles for all their lenses. However these are Lightroom profiles because CaptureOne *does not let the user add new lens profiles* Importing LR lens profiles would be great, but the ability to import only C1 profiles would also work.

  • Thomas Kyhn

    "Things that make me think about leaving CaptureOne behind even after paying for it not so long ago …"

    Understandable. For me this issue (C1 not showing folder content recursively) is relatively minor, though still an issue. The main reasons I see for leaving Capture One are:
    1. The company itself: its lack of communication, not fixing bugs/shortcomings that have existed for years, bad support (copy and paste replies), etc.
    2. A rudimentary keystone tool with bugs that haven't been fixed since it was introduced more than ten years ago.
    3. Lack of lens profiles.
    4. A large number of much smaller issues.

  • Darius Mihai

    I understand your (1) point, however I had a different experience with their communication skills albeit with a very small issue regarding their website.

    I fully agree with (2) and (3) and I'm beginning to see some of the issues you mentioned at (4).


    I'm actually sorry to see that CaptureOne is not taking advantage of the possibilities that are currently open in the market, with Lightroom Classic being almost abandoned by Adobe and with Lightroom being targeted more towards selfies/instagram and vacation photos rather than amateur and professional photographers.


    For me it's not about showing the content recursively, but it is rather about synchronizing and importing new subfolders in folders that are already in C1.

    For example, I have a folder Category/Shoots

    After I shoot for a few days and nights I add let's say 4-5 or more subfolders to this, each subfolder having the name based on date, person, location etc.

    Now, when I go in C1 I have to use Add New Subfolder for each of these, then click on Synchronize.

    It is a waste of time when working with multiple subfolders and an even bigger waste of time considering that I'm reorganizing my entire library in C1 after switching from LR.

    The Synchronize feature has an option too "Include known subfolders", but his will sync all subfolders that are already in C1 (previously added via the "Add New Subfolder" mentioned above.


  • Class A

    @Darius Mihai

    Your request has been made over a year ago already.

    In the past, Capture One has responded to feature requests and bug reports rather well. Recently, though, it does not seem to matter at all what users write here.

    It does not even appear to matter if people like Paul Steunebrink or Walter Row, who are somewhat closer to Capture one than the rest of us support a feature request.

    Or am I the only one seeing a lack of correlation between bug reports & what is requested here by many users versus what is offered in new updates/upgrades?

  • Thomas Kyhn

    "Or am I the only one seeing a lack of correlation between bug reports & what is requested here by many users versus what is offered in new updates/upgrades?"

    Definitely not. There are a things that have been addressed, though, such as M1 and Metal support (but I assume there was no way they could go on without this). All the "smaller" issues, bugs, inconveniences, etc., appear generally to be ignored. 

  • Darius Mihai

    Well this thread is marked as completed, so I'm guessing that nobody at CaptureOne is watching it.


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