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Export tool is broken for advanced users!



  • Thomas Schneider

    Dear developer,

    the new export button in Version 14.3 is really a step backwards:

    exporting is now unnecessarily complicated.
    - a new window is automatically opened that blocks all other windows until I finally press close again.
    - a progress bar always appears, which I have to click into the background when processing for a long time.
    - stopping and resume the processing queue was a really nice feature.

    The old workflow was good. Please bring it back.


  • Daniel Carson

    @Nicolas Det

    100% Agree. Your concerns hit the nail on that head perfectly.

  • paolo de giuli

    Hi, i add my point to the list: Export and Batch tabs were just right. When i'm doing tech on fashion set i used to start a queue and pause it during shooting. It seems i can't pause it anymore: how happened to remove such a fundamental functions for people like work with your software since .3 (2008) version?

    Thanks in advance, waiting for you replies





  • Martin Knowles

    Agreed. I've put in a support case for this, and if you're a POCP or own Phase gear, I suggest you do so as well. Loving the enhanced speed and mask/drawing stuff in .3, but the lack of global output folder adjustments is about to kill my workflow. Given that they haven't introduced any breaking process engine changes between .2 and .3, I'm considering keeping 13.2 around just for handing processing and doing editing in 13.3.


  • Sergii Kovalenko

    100% agree

  • Ramon B Rodriguez

    TOTALLY AGREE...!!! but I believe the last thing CO does is listening to users...

  • Fumihiko Oki

    100% agree!

  • Markus Zuber

    I have told you I do not like the new solution when beta testing the newest version. I still do not like the export tab since it does not make sense and has nothing to do with the convention of structuring this software. So, pls forget about this terrible export and get back to what we had. I think there are other things to work on if you are lacking ideas for improving C1!

    By the way: if not accessing the forum by Safari, you will constantly fail through Chrome. This was an issue months ago an is still a problem!

  • Marcin Klaban

    I have been a CaptureOne user since the beginning of the program, used with PhaseOne PowerPhase and Sinar. I was using first edition of LightPhase... I've never experienced a step back until last version....

    Please CaptureOne... Bring back output tabs... If You need to have Export popup - ok! But give us tabs back. The power of C1 was full customization... Now it's broken. I'm sad...

  • TitleUnknown

    CaptureOne Pro... you'd think that was for PROFESSIONALS.

    Look at this fragmentation of software:

    • Capture One Pro
    • Capture One for Fujifilm
    • Capture One (for Sony)
    • Capture One for Nikon
    • Capture One Express
    • Capture One Enterprise

    I don't understand the fragmentation and constant push toward appeasing casual shooters/hobbyist with the "Pro" version.

    I know there's a beta channel you can join (Im on it) but working professionals can't actually run betas on set. They can play with it for a few minutes at home maybe. But working professionals aren't able to provide proper feedback for betas. 

    The push toward SAAS and cash grabs of "style packs" are ruining this software as it seems the motivations for development are coming from the marketing and accounting teams rather than listening to professionals and their needs.

  • ---

    ...this is not a new development almost everything what came with the lastest updates was geared to attract hobbyists. this is per se not a bad thing as long as pro user are kept in focus too but this seems not the case anymore. furthermore it seems that the people in charge today have no idea what  professionals need, this is very different to the past and so they can't  foresee what impact a certain change my have.  the change in layer handling was the first totally idiotic move and with the same mindset  they have now destroyed another tool, makes me wonder what is next on their list. 

  • BeO

    I am not a professional but I too find the new export dialog far inferior than the good old process recipe tool tab.

    C1, stop eroding the good features which let's C1 stand out positively, stop ruining your unique selling points by mimicking LR and alike. I want the old non-modal simple tool tab back! No modal window, no extra viewer or browser.


  • TitleUnknown

    CEO Rafael Orta is somewhat active on Twitter. He's got so few followers that he would have to notice a flood a upset users.

  • Matt Thomas

    It’s a shame they removed the ability to add the tools from the original output into workspaces as some creatives like myself built a workspace with the folder and recipe tool options to allow for quicker batch exports. Now however I’ll have to keep opening up the new exporter window when processing an event and creating 60+ folders to send out

    Why fully remove the tools??

    I'm now removing 14.3 and going back to 14.2 as I can't work with this "new" version as having to open the new export window countless times within a session it's helping to speed up my workflow it's slowing it down!!

    This ISN'T Lightroom so why add a basic export when the previous export tab was sooo much better. Combine both this new version and then last tool tab so people have a CHOICE especially for pro's who use the software

  • Richard Wood

    Wow it worked beautifully so why fix it when it was not broken!


    all my best dick Wood


  • Nikolai Vassiliev

    Oh, yes. Nicolas is absolutely right there. Batch Queue tab were essential and nobody preventing to keep it along with new Export. Also have to remind  too that Non-Modal windows and floating tools is much more useful and userfriendly.

  • Nicholas Jones

    Since for me 14.3 crashes on exporting almost always, I have no option anyway but to go back to 14.2. But it worries me, as so many say above, that C1 is going for the 'easy to learn and doesn't matter if it is less powerful' route as so soften happens when marketing departments drive developments. Magic brush is brilliant, but export isn't. Why not leave both ways – there are lots of other instances where there are several ways of doing the same thing in C1.

  • Irene McCullagh

    Like others have written above, I also hate the new exporter. It is honestly way worse than the previous version/s. And also it's not available as a floating tool palette. Everything about it is more time consuming. Major dislike

  • Ramon B Rodriguez

    All files I export after this release are just corrupted, unless I leave them untouched, mening no proccessing at all. It's getting worse. This is seriously afecting my work. I see there are a lot of complains about this issue, I would like to see someone with responsabilities in C1 to say something.

    Maybe an apology...? Maybe acknowledging a big mistake and stepping back the sooner the better...?


  • Nicolas Det


    Keep calm and downgrade. I think (hope) it's safe to consider 14.3 is a major failure and should not be installed.

    We are in the weekend. Let's see what happens over the next week.

    Feel a support request about corrupted files and removing of the pro export tab.

    Hope they will react.


  • Matt Thomas

    Just be careful if you’ve used a catalogue that’s been updated to 14.3 to open it in 14.2 it won’t! So I had to use a back up file from before I installed 14.2 to be able to get back up and running around with the much better pro export tool tab!!!

  • hiro kanai

    14.3 Export Deterioration is a nightmare.

  • Ramon B Rodriguez

    Using using MacBook Air, all the exported DNG are corrupted, in all formats... the only way is not to adjust anything, as soon as I fix something a scratched file is what I get... Does this happen to someone else...???

    I am really upset with this people behind C1, why destroy something that was working perfectly...? 

    Time to look for a different software...?

  • Nicolas Det

    Not yet.
    Even 14.3 with major mistakes and issues, it's still the best raw convertor and asset management for pro.

    Wait and see. Don't panic :)

    "Time to look for a different software...?"

    Well, as for Adobe, I've been using PhotoShop CS 6 (2012) about 7-8 years before I replaced it with Affinity. Hoping CaptureOne 14.2 will no go the same way..

  • BeO

    I consider the old tool as really innovative in the raw developer / photo editor market.

    Somebody probably thought the output tools were old-fashioned and everybody would be happy with an overhauled export dialog. One of the strengths of C1 is (or was:_)) its customizabilty and its workflow capabilities.

    Is the removal a one-time mistake they will correct or will this be symptomatic for the upcoming releases, and if they won't correct this, does this tell us something about their capabilites, their attitude regarding client base, or something about a new direction and target market they want to drive this softeware to...?

    Without the old tool C1 has a tick less in my competitor comparison matrix.


  • SFA


    As I understand it the rationale for the change was that having 2 similar but slightly different "export" options was found, by many users (presumably the most vocal at the time) to be confusing and to rationalisation to make them work the same way was felt necessary.

    Once you do that it becomes clear that they are both going to be the same and may as well be one tool.

    Add in that many people completely misunderstood the potential power of the recipe options and missed the fact that they could be used to automate and speed up the current social media style "Sharing" workflows that seem to be so popular.

    Thus the new approach was envisaged to make things easier to achieve the results that people claim to want most often and to do so more consistently ... after a little setting up and adaptation (and simplification) of workflows.

    As the old saying goes, "You can keep some people happy all of the time, all people happy some of the time but never can you keep all people happy all of the time".

    I hardly ever used the Export facility and the new "Process" functionality seemed fine to me as a replacement for the older approach. (Except that 2 tokens that I used regularly have been removed and I see that as a detrimental step though not impossible to overcome. Just not a smart move in this case.)

    The key to understanding the approach is to appreciate that a recipe is now a more complete control of all aspects of an output process. So a recipe for each of one's regular output types, export or output processing, makes the process easier and more consistently applyable once it has been created. (Or at least it should do ...) 

    Obviously not everyone is seeing it that way at the moment.  Such is the nature of change.

  • BeO

    Hi SFA,

    quote: The key to understanding the approach is to appreciate that a recipe is now a more complete control of all aspects of an output process.

    The new dialog is rather inferior, not confusing.

    My point is not about the single process recipe as such but rather the UI changes to use such recipes.

    (1) A modal dialog

    (2) with another viewer/browser

    (3) taking away the direct access to the recipes

    is far less convenient than the tool tab and tools (or even floating tools) approach they have removed for the output processing.

    Consequently, will they move all other tools to modal dialog boxes to keep some new customers happy?

    I am not againt change as such, I am only against change if that leads to deterioration. I still haven't read many people liking the removal of the tools in favor of the new exporter.

    Anyway, for me this is a negative.

  • Nicolas Det

    Looking for the 14.4 with a blocking window for exposure adjustment!

  • ---

    @ beo don't take this guy serious, SFA is just parroting the c1 talking points and like right wing politicians without provable arguments he brings in "the people, the user " to justify changes which will effect many customer in a negative way. and as many times before he is not able to understand the needs of professional or other heavy user and what impact this changes have on their workflow. 

    a lot of things are rather unnecessary complicated in c1 but this was clearly not true for the export tool. 

  • BeO

    No worries Nicolas, appreciate the change and see the advantage, you will be slowed down and this will certainly benefit your edits... :-)

    And if you still won't like it, there is a keyboard shortcut for the exposure... :-)

    [irony mode off]




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