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Capture One Pro (16.3.3) Release Notes



  • FirstName LastName

    My Nikon D7500 is still not being detected, unlike the trouble-free experience with the D800E. I rolled back to version 16.2.4. Version 16.3 introduced issues, as the D7500 frequently disconnected, and the software failed to identify it. The problem was resolved by disabling 'ReTether: fetch images from the card when reconnecting via USB.' However, with the latest versions and OS update, it all stopped being recognized

  • Daniel

    I already could do "save to both Capture One and a memory card simultaneously" with Sony A7R4 and A7R5 with previous versions.

    Now I would like to see full and unlimited tethered-focusing features for Sony and eliminate the issues with Sony Imaging Edge (we need Imaging Edge for Pixelshift and Composit-RAW).


  • Jack W


    We have supported Windows 11 23H2 since 16.3.6 and will be updating the release notes ASAP.

    We're sorry for this error and for not providing clarity sooner.


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