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Capture One Pro (16.3) release notes



  • Francis Ernens

    The “Known Issues” section of these release notes, once again, appears to be boilerplate copied from some long-ago release and not the issues that apply to this one. For example, the bug on macOS with files exported to folders synced to iCloud being hidden is listed as “In the Works” in the forums, and, if not fixed, should appear here. Many people will only check here and not the forums.

  • FirstName LastName

    RAW Support for Sony A7 C II? And Sony 70 200 GII Lens ?

  • Lubomir Kawka

    Perpetual License

      Lubomir Kawka

      "Getting a perpetual license means you get the current version of Capture One that’s available at the time of purchase and you can continue to keep using that version as long as your hardware and operating system support it. The license doesn’t automatically update when new features are released like the subscription, so you you’ll need to purchase a new perpetual license if you want later the latest tools and updates."

      Does it mean if I purchase a current license for CO 16.3 today and in two months you will release the version 16.35 or 16.4 with some new features I will have to buy another license ?  The wording certainly suggest that.

      Hello Lubomir,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      As off February 14, 2023, our New License model came into force, which changed the way the updates work now. That means that when you buy a perpetual license of Capture One, you receive a specific version of the software available at the moment of purchase. All the updates released to that particular version together with bug fixes are included, like Capture One 16.2 and the updates 16.2.1 - 16.2.5. 
      Any new features, as well as new camera and OS support will only be released with major versions (16.1, 16.2, 16.3 etc. etc.).

      With these changes to our license model, we are also stepping away from naming convention, and will not be releasing Capture One 24 or 25, similar to earlier 23 or 22. Instead we have version 16.1, 16.2 and 16.3.
      Therefore, you can either stay on your version (the last update can be downloaded here) or update to 16.3 with a 40% discount as per our Loyalty Program.
      Here's your personal voucher code: CS40LS2-YCKSUFUD. Once you apply it at the checkout in the web shop, the price will be reduced.
      All the service updates (16.3.x) will be included in this purchase. When we release the next version (e.g. 16.4) - it will be discounted (40% if you upgrade within 1 year), but not free.
      Let me know shall you have any follow-up questions.

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      Lubomir Kawka

      Hi, so it means I might be paying full license ( minus discount ) twice or three times within year as you do not guarantee validity of license for year or confirming all new features and camera support within that year will be included in version 16.3xx


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      Hi Lubomir,
      That's right, 'upgrading' now means purchasing a new perpetual license but with a loyalty discount. See Perpetual License Changes and the Loyalty Program - How it Affects You
      We are moving to a ‘release when ready’ model, which allows us to deliver new features and improvements as soon as they are ready. As such, the length of a version will vary based on the time it takes us to develop each feature.
      It is always your decision when and how often to get the latest version of Capture One Pro.
      If you always want to have the newest features as soon as they are released, a subscription plan is really the best option.
      If you want to make sure that you get the latest version of Capture One Pro each year (as it works under the current model) and don’t need new features as soon as they are released, we want to make sure your cost of ownership does not go up.

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  • Lubomir Kawka

    The thing is, somehow I do not trust your business model any more.


  • Mark Lay

    My Capture One Pro Subscription License says I'm eligible for 16.3 but your system is treating me as a perpetual license holder and preventing me from downloading 16.3.0 or 16.3.1 - every time I request the download, not matter what approach I use, I get the free Express Fuji version - I'm basically stuck on version Plus I'm getting pounded with up-sell ads to go to the all in one.

    Why would I do this when for more than a month, my current subscription has been rendered inoperable and prevents updates - if you are going to a subscription model, then you need to treat customers who purchased the subscription model with what they are entitled to receive. 

    Additionally, I've received nothing but dead air on my requests for assistance. I just opened a second ticket because the first has been complete ignored. 


  • Jack W

    Mark Lay We haven't ignored your request. I can see you made one a couple of hours ago, which our team will get round to today, along with the one that you made a few days ago. Sorry for the delay in the technical request that you made.

    In any case, there's no way that we "block" your subscription license. Seems that you just need to deactivate and then reactivate with your subscription key.

    The support team will look into the specifics, but you should uninstall all versions of Capture One that you have right now, using this guide:

    Then, download the latest version of Capture One here: (we will not prevent you from downloading 16.3, even if your license is not valid)

    All you need to do after that is enter your subscription license key. Which, if valid, will give you access to the latest version of Capture One.

    See the activation guide here:

    Please give the customer support team some time to respond to the ticket you made a couple of hours ago. I've raised your other technical request with our tech support team, but it appears that they are about the same issue.


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