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How do I use Wacom tablet with pen pressure?



  • Julian Styles


    Is Windows Radial supported? I see on the image of the Intuos there is the "Control Ring" which is on Intuos Tablets and other Graphics Tablets also, some claim "Windows Radial" support which lets you use the protocol with a device OTHER than a Surface Dial accessory. A reply would be much appreciated on this topic.

  • Lily

    Hi Julian,

    Thank you for your question.

    Windows Radial is not supported by Capture One. However, this suggestion would be forwarded to the Product Management team for further consideration.

  • Max K.

    And what can I do when the "Flicks" Tab in the Windows Control Panel is missing?

    I'm running out of ideas and searched the whole Internet for a solution.

    I can either chose between Using Windows Ink (with Pen-Pressure) and horrible Lag (probably because of Flicks) of no Windows Ink with no Pen Pressure and no Lag.

    Is there maybe a fix for it when writing something in a config file of C1 or so?


    This is making me crazy.

  • Lily

    Hi Max,

    Which operating system do you have?

  • Antonio Riva

    Also I have not the flicks option in control panel (Windows 10 PRO 21H1).

    I'm experencin problem using the pen drag-n-droping from browse.

    I try the solution from this thread Wacom Windows Ink Disables drag-n-drop from browser disabling windows-ink I loose pen-pressure but the thread's tricks doesn't help? Is it a common problem? Is there a solution?


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