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Why does not Capture One detect a digital back when shooting tethered via FireWire?



  • Alister Robson

    Apologies Liliia but I'm now more confused. Are you saying it should work in 1903 once driver signing is disabled or that it still won't work as 1903 fundamentally breaks it?

  • Lily

    Hi Michael,


    Much appreciation for the feedback provided. The corresponding correction was made to avoid any confusion.

    As per the latest release notes, the FireWire tethering problem is a known issue. FireWire tethering is not supported for Windows 10 build 1903 and newer.

  • Michael Coxon

    Hello does this solution work on 1903, im a bit confused you state it doesn't work on 1903 but in the brackets you say it does is that a typo and should say 1803.  We have got this working on 1803 machines with this workaround but cant get it to work on 1903?

    Many thanks



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