Live view and tethering problems with Sony A7R IV




  • Isara Fey

    Did this work for anyone? .

    I have walked through this help item and the other one suggested and the camera still has not identified (nor the a9ii).. Capture one 20 Pro doesn't seem to recognize/ pickup the camera after plugging in whereas the sony thing picks up the camera immediately ...  

    PC Remote 

    USB Power Supply Off


    the only workaround was setting up a hot folder which was not ideal for what I was trying to accomplish, especially after upgrading 


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  • JH

    Had no Live View in CaptureOne 20 with my 7RIV. After updating the Sony firmware to version 1.10 it worked.

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  • PG

    A7R3, latest firmware (3.10) and live view not working on Mac no matter what.

    Works fine on Win 10.

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  • Davidwmlaw

    Live view was working on my A7RIV via USB-C on the old version of Capture one 20.0.2 of my laptop (which i use for remote shooting).


    Then yesterday I saw an update for 20.0.4 and installed it. What a MISTAKE!!!  Now Live View for my A7RIV doesnt work (tried both USB C and microB ports). I emailed Capture One support. Lets see what they say.


    I can get Capture One to download pictures off my A7RIV, but it will still say "No Camera Connected"....and therefore I cant use Live View or capture pictures using it. 


    However, I have confirmed that I can still use Live View on the OLDER version of Capture One 20.0.2 (which I still have on my desktop) and thats why i believe this new update from Capture One has bugs.

    Also, I can get my A7RII (not IV) to work with Live View on the NEWER version of Capture One 20.0.4

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