Tethering problems: the camera does not connect, frequently disconnects or will not transfer images



  • Richard M

    For anyone still having tethering issues on Catalina please try this link. Even though you have given Capture One full access, sometimes you need to give Capture One permission to 'access files on a removable volume'.

    Run these commands one at a time in terminal to reset permissions ('captureone13' is still correct for version 20) and then reopen Capture One and connect camera and click allow:

    tccutil reset SystemPolicyRemovableVolumes com.captureone.captureone13

    tccutil reset Photos com.captureone.captureone13

    This was driving me crazy for a long time!

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  • danny danks

    This was driving me nuts!
    I just couldn't find a work around even reading all the info on the Capture one site!!

    Copy and pasting those 2 commands into terminal fixed my problem, I wish i would have just scrolled down to the bottom of this page first.


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