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Tethering problems: the camera does not connect, frequently disconnects or will not transfer images



  • Richard Maidment

    For anyone still having tethering issues on Catalina please try this link. Even though you have given Capture One full access, sometimes you need to give Capture One permission to 'access files on a removable volume'.

    Run these commands one at a time in terminal to reset permissions ('captureone13' is still correct for version 20) and then reopen Capture One and connect camera and click allow:

    tccutil reset SystemPolicyRemovableVolumes com.captureone.captureone13

    tccutil reset Photos com.captureone.captureone13

    This was driving me crazy for a long time!

  • danny danks

    This was driving me nuts!
    I just couldn't find a work around even reading all the info on the Capture one site!!

    Copy and pasting those 2 commands into terminal fixed my problem, I wish i would have just scrolled down to the bottom of this page first.


  • Edison loja



  • Edison loja

    necesito ayuda 


  • Edison loja


  • Ester Overmars

    I'm going crazy due to this problem. I can work for hours without any problem then Capture One disconnects with the camera and nothing I do leads to connection again.

    Camera however is connected to the laptop, I can see this because EOS Utility still works the camera....

    I work with macOS Big Sur en Capture One 2021.

    Does anyone have the same problem? It looks so damn unprofessional when I am on a shoot....!



  • Simon James Nicol

    @Ester Overmars yes i have exactly the same problem. I have checked and rechecked all of the above, and it sometimes connects, sometimes doesn't. Then when i give up and start using EOS Utility sometimes Capture One fights it and tethers again causing a weird conflict where i can't control the camera properly. @PhaseOne @CaptureOne please address this with support??


  • Francois Couderc

    @Simon. Exactly same problem here with Canon R6. It looks bad when working with a client.

    Should we replace C1 with Canon utility? That's up to the C1 team. I hope not.

  • Joanna Wojewoda

    @Ester @Simon @Francois - same problem here. Not only have I replaced the cable, but I also have purchased a new laptop as nothing seems to resolve this issue.. I was hoping it was faulty mac ports but nope!

    The same thing happens and it is sporadic. Sometimes, a restart of the computer does the trick but sometimes it does not. This is not workable when working with a client and team! 


    I hope that there's a solution that will resolve this.

  • Francois Couderc

    Same problem again yesterday...

    Which camera do you use?

    I have the problem with Canon R6 (usb C).

    If I use my old 5D mark2 (usb) everything is fine.


  • Ester Overmars

    I use the 5D Mark IV

    I have a 4 days shoot 22-26 june which I fear only because of this fckng problem....

    Received some tips from Capture One by email, I have to study it and apply some of the things, hope it will solve the problem.



  • Joanna Wojewoda

    @Ester, do you use a usb-c or urb tethering cable?

    Based on the response from the FirstName LastName comment, it makes me wonder if it's the USB-c cable causing the issue. When using a USB cable you'll need a hub and perhaps the hubs that are being used have power delivery that isn't interupted as it may be by directly plugging the USB C into the computer. This conclusion is driven from the fact that my hard drives have a tendency or randomly ejecting when plugged in directly via a usb-C cable or a hub that doesn't deliver enough power to the drive itself..

    @Ester, can you share the content of the email you receive from Capture One?

  • Ester Overmars


    Thanks for the tip, I will order a new cable with usb-c connection. I recognize the problem with the randomly ejected hard drives!

    Here's a cc of the email I received. I did not investigate everything yet, I will do this next week.


    "Hi Ester,

    How long is the cable you are using now? Are you using any extensions/adapters/converters?
    Here is the basic setup that we recommend: Basic setup for a tethered shooting workflow
    The longer the cable, the weaker is the connection.

    In instances of experiencing tethering problems with Capture One, we also recommend taking a look at the following articles:

    Slow tethering performance
    Frequent disconnects, camera not detected or will not transfer images
    What operations are possible when shooting tethered?

    If you're still experiencing issues after following these articles, then please provide us with a copy of your log files. Details of how to do so can be found here.

    Here are also a few steps you can further troubleshoot the tethering issue:

    - It might help trying different USB ports when using a Macbook as they can give out different power output, and try also to restart your camera and reinsert the battery and make sure your camera is not in "Mass Storage Mode" for the USB function.

    - Please make sure no other image editing software is running, the camera is not set to go to sleep or into a power saving mode where the camera shuts down the display/turns off the camera.

    - Remove any CF or SD cards from the camera - their presence often confuses the computer on which method to connect to the camera.

    Lastly, make sure the proper camera type is enabled in Preferences > Capture > Providers.

    As a secondary troubleshooting step, enable ONLY the type of camera you are trying to connect. That will help prevent any driver confusion.

    Best regards,

    Capture One Support

    We encourage you to browse our Help Center for detailed product documentation, helpful pro tips, and much more.



  • Francois Couderc

    Today I had again so many problems connecting to my canon R6.

    I had to use EOS utility to finish the job -too bad.

    I googled again my the problem and got it to work this evening after removing the 2 cards from the camera.

    Hope this can help some of you. It's easy to try.

  • Raul Farfan

    Good evening!! I have been using capture on Pro 20 perfectly fine with my Sony a7iii and a variety of Sony lenses over the last couple or years. However, I recently purchased a manual lens made by Lomography for the Sony E mount (the lens is called Petzval 55 F/1.7 ) and every time I try to tether using it, my camera ends up not being able to send the image to Capture One Pro. If I remove the cable (tether tools) my camera starts working again without any issue.

    Would you please advice me what to do? can this be fixed? or because its a manual lens it does not work. ??

    Thank you,


  • Chandler

    I’m shooting a Fuji XT2 w/ battery grip, a brand new TetherTools USB-C cable, with Win10 laptop and a external HHD.

    The only way to get C1 to recognize my camera is to remove the SD Disk, the battery grip, and external HHD. Than starting up a new session on my C: Drive.

    This is not optimal, practical, and very frustrating.

  • Jeremy Gryst

    I was digi tech on a shoot a couple of days ago when a photographers Canon 5D IV did not connect to the latest C1 on a near new M1 Max chip MacBook. I tried my own 5DIV which also did not work. Luckily I had my R5 with me as that works with no problems at all.

    What is up with the 5DIVs suddenly not working with Capture One. I have tried multiple Area 51 and Tether Tools cables (some brand new) to no avail, as well as followed all the advice above. Anyone else experiencing this? It's a matter of urgency as I'm a very busy tech.

  • Ester Overmars

    Hello everyone,

    I solved the problem: I now have a usb-c cable and tethering is working great!

    So for everyone with an usb-c connection just order a tethercable with usb-c.

    It works!


  • Jeremy Gryst

    No it does not work. I have both Area 51 and Tether Tools USB C cables and they do not work.

    I also tried two USB A tether cables with two different kinds of USB A to USB C converters.

  • Edison loja

    Hola tengo problemas cada ves que apago l Mac se borra el programa capture one siempre tengo q volver a bajar cada rato y así eh perdido las imagines ????????👎

  • Adam Whaley

    I have a Leica SL2 which has some of the sporadic issues mentioned above while tethered - sometimes it works, then suddenly stops working, and a reboot of everything "sometimes" will fix it.

    But, I have a theory I'd like someone from Capture One to confirm or deny. I have seen some references occasionally to the idea that if your SD card has "too many photos" on it, tethering won't work. What I think I may have discovered is that when I have a new SD card, with no subdirectories - Capture One works in tether mode.

    As soon as my card/camera gets to the point where it creates a subdirectory to store the next round of photos, Capture One gets confused. I think this may be why people in this thread report success when they remove their SD card - it removes this particular issue from the equation.

    Another variable is that different cameras create and use different folder/subdirectory schemes, so depending on your make/model and the contents of your SD card, maybe Capture One gets confused at different points. It would be great to get a response to this.

  • Francois Couderc

    @ Jeremy Gryst

    Did you try to remove the cards from the camera?

    It solved the issue for me (with Canon).

  • Chandler

    @Jeremy Gryst good luck getting help from CO. See my post from 5 months ago. I deal with this issue every time try to shoot using CO. 

    1. Shut my laptop down 
    2. Turn on my camera 
    3. Restart my laptop
    4. Close everything that opens at startup
    5. Open a New Session in CO (do think about opening an older session) 
    6. Wait 5 minutes for CO to recognize my camera (not the lens)
    7. Fire a few shots and wait another 5 minutes for CO to recognize my lens

    It's a pain in the a$$. 

    I'm thinking about buying another laptop just to run CO because it's so dang finicky.


  • Jeremy Gryst

    Appreciate all the advice everyone.

    Regarding shooting without cards- I always take out any cards from camera bodies before tethered shooting as a matter of best practice.

    I have tried shutting everything down, restarting etc etc and doing everything exactly by the book.

    All firmware is upto date and latest C1 version installed. My laptop is a brand new M1 Max chipped spec'd out MacBook- $7k+ so I doubt its the computer. My main camera, also Canon (R5) runs flawlessly on the same machine.

    Luckily 5DIV is just my backup. Would still like to get to the bottom of it though.

  • Gustavo Balbela

    I've been struggling a lot to connect my Sony A7r II to my 2017 MacBook Pro (running 12.2.1 Monterey, although, I've had this issue for years now). The link between camera and computer never brakes on its own. Once it's established, the connection works beautifully, with live view and everything... The issue is to get there.

    CaptureOne and my camera often won't find each other and the "connecting..." screen will just stay forever on my camera, while nothing happens in CaptureOne. Sometimes, quitting the app and trying again helps, sometimes it doesn't. And, over time, i developed a belief that i have better chances if i plug the camera in the computer when the camera is already turned on, but I'm not dure.

    Anyway, this is very annoying, takes a lot of time, and sometimes embarrassing when i'm with a client. And besides, I can't even turn my camera off during a shooting because I never know for sure how much time I'll take to set the hole thing up again.

    Any help is widely appreciated!


    PS: I connect the camera and the computer with a simple (and reasonably short) micro (?) USB to USB-C.

    PS II: Oh, and btw, the camera always appears in the system information.

  • FirstName LastName

    I have a macbook pro 2021 with an operating system Monterey 12.2. My CaptureOne version is the newest 15.2 so its all compatible. When I try to shoot tethered with Canon 5D mark IV it says CAMERA ERROR and gives me 3 different reasons why this may have happened. None of the reasons makes sense because I had no problems shooting tethered with the same camera and the same cable just a few days ago. Tried 4 different cables, SD card is removed, pc can see my camera connected via USB. Capture One is allowed both in accessibility and full disc access. Any ideas how to solve this issue? 

  • javier romero

    When I try to shoot tethered with Canon 5D mark IV it says CAMERA ERROR and gives me 3 different reasons why this may have happened.

  • Vincent Alongi

    Was previously able to tether to Capture One Pro 22 with a Sony A7RIV, now it won't recognize a camera attached at all.

  • geoff george

    On location this morning and 5d mk4 cameras were not tethering to 2021 M1 Pro Macbook. (Monterey 12.4).  Camera was visible on USB bus in the system report but error messaged in C1 Pro 22. (cards removed, cables swapped....).

    Solved with updating the Canon camera firmware to Version 1.3.3

  • Byron Mason

    SOLVED: Firmware Issue

    As soon as I updated the firmware on my 5DM4 to 1.3.3 it tethered no problem.


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