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Setting the capture orientation



  • FirstName LastName

    When I go to camera > orientation the menu is greyed out? I’m shoot overhead and image is in life view is upside down?

  • Anna Hodges

    I would add more info to this article, because I don't think it covers all you may need to know. I also think the wording is a little difficult to understand- especially if you are not seeing what is being described.

    I have been trying to completely reset the rotate & flip setting, because each new capture kept defaulting to a 35% rotation making it time consuming when trying to quickly see your changes with the new capture. For me, the orientation drop down list under the Camera menu is greyed out. In addition, the Auto Adjustment settings explained above were not making a difference. I believe this is because I am shooting on a Canon 5DSR. Finally, after reading this article several times, I figure out what I needed to do. Go under the Tether >Next Capture Adjustments> Orientation 0° > UNCHECK the Auto Alignment box. All the other drop downs are set as Default and the Styles drop down is set to None. The 0° and the unchecking were the two things I had to do to completely reset this.


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