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Selecting a neutral area with the picker



  • Seppo Helle

    What bothers me with this tool is this (step 3 in the guidance):
    "Repeat the selection until you are satisfied with the result."
    The problem is that even in a neutral area every pixel is more or less different colour, due to sensor noise. Now the tool registers the value of a single pixel, and I get a different result for every click and I can't be sure which one is the most neutral setting. It is frustrating.

    I think the tool should work like this:
    - You can drag from one point to another, and the tool selects a circular area (like when I'm drawing a mask). Then the average colour value of the area is calclulated and that is used for determining the white balance. Now you would have like hundreds of pixels counted in and colour noise would not be a problem. Consistent results every time.
    - If you simply click on a pixel it would work like before.

    I have proposed this by mail maybe two years ago, but haven't seen it implemented so far. I think this is a significant issue, because white balance is one of the first things to do for almost every editing task, and improving this interface would make things quicker and nicer.

  • Zak Moore

    I agree...


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