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How do I back up my Styles & Presets in case I need to update my OS/move to another computer?



  • Simon Tregidgo

    Which folder(s) should I copy - just the Styles and Presets60 folders or all folders in ~/Library/Application Support/Capture One? I'm assuming the latter?

  • Brian Creek


    Thanks for all of the tutorials.  I followed your directions and moved my data from my old windows 10 64 bit dell to my new Mac Studio and the only thing that I can see that came across was my custom style brushes (all 5 of them). Not my workspaces or anything else.

    My process was to copy the CaptureOne file from the Dell and paste it on the SSDs in my NAS, then copy that to the library in the mac, change the name to Capture One, and change the name of the existing Mac file to Kapture_One.

    I'm also trying to bring my catalog into C1 on the mac, leaving it on the SSD in the NAS.  That seems to be working away, but my subfolder structure doesn't seem to be replicated (yes, I checked "Include subfolders.)

    Any help would be most appreciated.  :)

    I did submit a ticket on this last week, but not even crickets.

    Brian Creek

  • s ford

    That's usually where you find 'em, but there is no CaptureOne folder under "Application Support." I'm using CaptureOne23 and just upgraded to Sonoma; Sonoma is trying real hard to be more like a phone, so maybe that's why there's no CaptureOne folder? I have a BlackMagic folder for LUTs, but no folder for CaptureOne. Is there another place to look in version23 using Sonoma?

  • FirstName LastName

    s ford Same issue being faced here. there is no CaptureOne folder under Application Support. 
    were you able to locate the folder? 


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