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Copy a mask to another Layer



  • Taras Kaduk

    I am being advised by a Capture One employee that C1 21 no longer supports copying clone mask to another layer. This isn't listed anywhere, and this article above does not mention this limitation. What information is correct?

  • Lily

    Hi Taras,

    The masks created with Draw Mask, Linear Gradient Mask, and Radial Gradient Mask brushes could be copied between the adjustments Layers.

    The masks created with the Cloning Mask or Healing Mask tools cannot be copied between Layers.

    Read more about repairing Layers here:


  • Taras Kaduk


    1. The fact that Cloning or Healing Masks can't be copied is not mentioned in the article you are referencing
    2. The fact that the feature has been revoked, as well as the reasons for removing the feature, are not listed, either. It is also not listed in the release notes.
  • Adam G

    Taras, I stumbled across your post because I am once again looking for a solution to this issue, and have been disappointed with each successive release of Capture One which has failed to restore this basic functionality.   You can see the original post I made about this almost a year ago here:

    There was a related discussion about universal brushes that you can find here:

    I still require this functionality for my workflow-- I have not been able to achieve the same results with the new heal/clone mask limitations.  The only workaround that I found to restore this functionality was to rollback to version 13.0, so if you have that option available, it may suit your needs as well. 

    Unfortunately, of course, you will also lose the ability to update or upgrade your version of Capture One.

  • objectpdf

    It's 2023, can we get the ability to copy a mask to another image please?

  • Luís Filipe da Cunha

    In 2024, can I Copy a Mask (without all other adjustments) from one image to another image? Thanks.


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