Making image adjustments with an external editor




  • jim smith

    Can you have multiple Programs in the menus anymore? 

    I use both Affinity Photo and Topaz products and each time I do an Edit With -> Other it adds that program and removes the previous one. 

    So I only ever can have one in the menu at a time.

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  • susan johnson

    I followed the above directions and it shows up in my Capture folder, but does not show up in my Capture One Browser? 

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  • Lily

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Once you are going to the external editor, a new variant of the same image appears in the same folder as other variants of the selected image.

    Make sure that you are browsing the same folder where your round trip started from.

    Once you have completed the editing of an image in the external editor and in Capture One, you can select and export the preferred variant(s). In case you have several variants of the same image, you can select those you like and export/process them to a chosen location.

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