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Capture One is not launched



  • GianMarco Tavazzani
    • OpenCl disabled, Capture One restarted and had this message:

      "Connection is invalid.

      Capture One 20 got an error: Connection is invalid. (-609)"

    • Thank you and have a nice Sunday evening ;-)


  • hma_marti

    I have checked the compatibility with my laptop, after installation, still cannot launch capture one 13.1.1.
    Zenbook UX430UN, core i7 8th Gen U, RAM 16GB, MX150 Nvidia, 1080p, Windows 10 v1909.
    I have tried above solutions, still cannot launch.

  • Mikhail Elizarev

    I have encountered this issue.

    None of the above worked. After I've installed redistributable C++ 2015-2019 package from Miscrosoft the problem is gone.

  • Lily

    Hi Mikhail,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Your suggestion was also added to this article.

  • GianMarco Tavazzani

    We stuck in the "Capture One 21 got an error: Connection is invalid. (-609)" error (High Sierra)… and also the "" freezes and hardly can complete its USELESS task!
    What to do? Even the crash report can't be sent!

  • Stefan Enator

    Nothing works. Can not open C1 21 with a catalog generated by C1 21 on Big Sur


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