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How do I change the language in Capture One?



  • Hans Jürgen Böhmer

    Unfortunately not working with Capture One 20 Fujifilm, Build on macOS Version 10.15.4. 

  • Oliver König

    Hi Hans Jürgen,

    the adjusted terminal command (using 13 instead of 12) also didn't work for me to change the app language. It just did reset (some) Capture One settings.

    I just found out under macOS 10.15.x you can set an app specific language.

    Systemsettings --> Language --> Apps

    Systemeinstellungen --> Sprache & Region --> Apps

    then add Capture One and set it to English.

    I hope that works for you as well.

    cheers Oliver.

  • Hans Jürgen Böhmer

    Hi Oliver, 

    thank you for your recommendation. It works right away. 

    Best regards,

    Hans Jürgen

  • Oliver König

    Hi Hans Jürgen,


    cheers and have a good weekend - Oliver.

  • Erkan

    Thanks Oliver, you're tip worked perfectly!!

    Much appreciated.

    Cheers Erkan

  • Igor Pavlov

    Just use com.captureone.captureone13 identifier for Capture One 20 or a more general variant:
    defaults write $(mdls -name kMDItemCFBundleIdentifier -raw /Applications/Capture\ One\ AppleLanguages "(en)"

  • Votograffy

    It seems that in newer versions of Mac OS you can define the language per app in system preferences.

    Go to System Preferences -> Language & Region -> Apps and add Capture One with the desired language.

  • Ramon B Rodriguez

    This is not working for Capture One 23 16.0.2

    Would you please be so kind to update these instructions...??? it is really frustrating...

  • FirstName LastName

    To change the language in Capture One, follow these steps:

    1. Open Capture One: Launch Capture One on your computer.

    2. Access Preferences:

      • On macOS: Click on "Capture One" in the menu bar at the top left of the screen and select "Preferences."
      • On Windows: Go to "Edit" in the menu bar and choose "Preferences."
    3. Change Language:

      • In the Preferences window, look for an option related to language or localization. This option might be labeled as "Language" or "User Interface Language."
      • Click on this option to open a dropdown menu or a list of available languages.
    4. Select your Desired Language:

      • From the dropdown menu or list, select the language you want to use in Capture One.
    5. Apply Changes:

      • After selecting the new language, confirm or save the changes. This may require clicking an "OK" or "Apply" button.
    6. Restart Capture One:

      • To ensure that the language change takes effect, you may need to restart Capture One.

    Capture One should now appear in your selected language when you open the application.

    Please note that not all languages may be available in Capture One, and the specific steps or terminology might vary slightly depending on the version of Capture One you are using. If you don't find a language option in the preferences, it's possible that the software is not available in your desired language. Learn German Language Training in Pune


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