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  • BeO

    Helpful article, thanks.

    I am running C1 on a Windows 10 PC.

    When Proof Profile is "no proof profile"

    • If Proofing via the glasses icon is off,
      and if I switch my monitor profile (Eizo Color Navigator) back and forth between sRGB, AdobeRGB and native gamut, the previews' visible colors change accordingly, but what does not change is the values of the color readouts, nor does the exposure warning (red area).
      To me, it is unclear what the readout values mean in this case, or the exposure warning.

    • If I have selected a process recipe and enable the Proofing via the glasses icon,

      then the selected recipe will be respected: the previews' colors change (provided the monitor profile has a wider gamut than the selected recipe gamut), the color readouts and the exposure warning change too. This button overrides the "No proof profile". As expected.


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